Night Classes are not that...bad?

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Hey guys, Andy here again. I hope all of you are settling in well this year. The weeks are definitely going slower than it did during the summer (sadly), but I am chugging along. We'll get through the rough patches right? haha

So I wanted to have one more night class before moving on to write this blog. I actually should be doing my homework right now but there was a little mishap so I'm pushing that til tomorrow (procrastination prevails).

I am currently taking a night course on Mondays that run from 6pm to 9pm. The course is called Global Marketing. It's one of the handful of night classes that are offered in UMass Lowell for undergraduates. Going into the semester, I was actually worried about this class the most. Three hours seemed like a century to me and quite frankly, I didn't think I could focus for 3 hours. It seemed a little impossible.

First night of the class, I sat there thinking it's going to be 3 hours of boring hell. It was actually the opposite. The professor kept a very good pace and atmosphere in the room. I didn't even know time was ticking. Part of the reason may be the fact that he is an excellent professor, but I think as long as you stay focused in the class, time will go by.

I had another class for 3 hours today. It felt the same way again and I felt like I was being productive. By the way, if you have never taken a night class before, looking outside the window during class and seeing it pitch black is a completely new thing too. Pretty awesome.

If you like being out at night and wouldn't mind easing your weekly schedule with a 3 hour night class, then I highly recommend you try it. It's college. Try out everything. If you don't like it, you can always drop it right? Experiences are good and I think night classes offer something completely different. Try it out.

Til next time, stay healthy and warm!



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