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Hello folks. It's Andy here again with another blog. Hope you all are enjoying your lives. The first day of classes started on Thursday. Did everyone like their classes? How are the freshman settling in? I haven't been to the university yet. I will be there on Tuesday. I can't wait to get back to the campus atmosphere. I'm just not prepared for all the work haha.

My blog today focuses on one of the most underrated tools for college students today. It is the website called Now this site has been criticized by some people before, as it critiques teachers harshly (too harshly). I honestly believe it is a necessary and useful site for all of us.

As useful as this site might be, it has some flaws as well. Now I'm here to point out a couple of them.

Negative Ratings

So there is a class that fits your schedule perfectly. You look up the professor on the website and the ratings aren't so great. Well examine it with a grain of salt.

More than half of the time, there are students who go on the website to vent their emotional bias toward a professor. They offer no objectivity nor helpfulness, pretty much just a waste of time. It's up to you how you can judge this.

For example, there are students that go on and leave a short message like "OMG COULDN'T STAND HIM. WILL NOT TAKE EVER AGAIN." I mean, that doesn't tell us anything. Now maybe a comment like this could certainly help you make a decision: "Class is a lot of work. Attendance is required and be prepared to take a lot of notes. Overall a fair grader and teacher." At this point you can draw a much better conclusion of what to expect and whether you would like this kind of professor or not.

Majority Rules

This one is a simple concept. If you see a professor with a couple ratings that were in the negative side, then don't be afraid to take their classes. Granted, if the ratings went into extreme details of the professors' class and it doesn't fit you, then ignore it. Most of the time, however, there won't be too many details on those short-listed ones. It will more than likely mean that the professor is new and is adjusting to the university themselves.


What is overrated? It's none other than the easiness rating. From my experiences, these easiness ratings are never what I expect them to be. Remember, every student has their own "easiness" rating, so even if it is a low rating, that doesn't necessarily mean you will think it's easy. Instead of focusing on the numbers on the site, try focusing on the text. See what the students had to say about this professor. Was the comment objective? Was it helpful? What is the majority saying?

That pretty much sums up how I use ratemyprofessors. I should advise that this site is not the 100% answer to your college life with classes, but it should help one way or another.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and/or add me on Facebook. I'd be happy to chat about anything.


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