7 Must Do Activities on Opening Week Activities

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Hey guys. A new year of school is getting near. You know what that means at UML? It's opening week activities time! If you aren't aware of this, I'll gladly direct you to this page, and if you have a Facebook, to this page. The university has some cool, interesting activities planned for the students and it's up to the students to make the best of it. So here is a list of seven activities that I think you must do. Can't miss these activities. These are in no particular order:

1. Sunday, August 28 -- Dodgeball Tournament (6:00 PM)

You can sign up on site. UML Dodgeball tournaments are infamous, so if you have a group of athletic friends, you definitely should give it a shot. $250 for the ultimate winner.

2. Tuesday, August 30 -- Lowell Spinners Game (7:00 PM)

It's free and it's always a good time. I've been going to it every year and really, a baseball game on a cool night is very relaxing. Even if you don't like baseball, you should go to check out the atmosphere.

3. Tuesday, August 31 -- Block Party + BBQ + Club Fair (11:30 AM - 3:30 PM)

I've gone to this every year as well. I like the free food obviously, but a bunch of students at the CRC lawn and fun music to boot? I'll be there 100% of the time.

4. Saturday, September 3 -- Matisyahu (7:30 PM)

I personally like Matisyahu, so this suggestion might be a little biased. But if you can find the time, check this band out. They are so different from what's on the radio and you might even end up becoming a huge fan. Live music is definitely a great activity to enjoy.

5. Sunday, September 4 -- Six Flags Trip (11:00 AM)

Space is definitely limited for this one. At $10 a ticket, this is a steal. Transportation is even provided so it's definitely a no brainer. Grab your friends and enjoy the long weekend by heading out.

6. Saturday, September 10 -- White Water Rafting (8:00 AM)

I am not a rafting person, nor can I swim. I put this activity down because I've heard rave reviews from people who have already done this. They absolutely loved it. I'm sure some of you are water-loving people. Try this one out for sure.

7. Friday, September 16 -- Red Sox vs. Rays (7:00 PM)

Too much sports in here? Haha sorry. But you can grab $15 tickets to the Red Sox game (you won't find that anywhere) along with transportation. Fenway is an awesome place to be, whether you are a baseball fan or not. The Sox will be playing their division rivals so it will be a great game to watch!

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