Wisdom Tooth: Not Fun

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Hey guys, hope you all are doing well. I am currently dealing with a wisdom tooth pain/bother. It's not so much pain that is bothering me, but the fact that I know it's there and it's rather a bothersome thing to have in the back of your mouth.

I will be consulting with a dentist tomorrow about it. I should have taken care of it earlier! Sometimes we all fail to realize how serious a medical condition is until it starts to hurt. Hopefully you all don't make the same mistake as I did. If you have something that is bothering you, go get it fixed! I hope I get this fixed soon.

So July is almost over and school is just a month away! I got a brochure in the mail about opening week at UMass Lowell. This would be my third opening week. I cannot believe it. My school years are flying by. I remember talking to my supervisor a while ago and we both couldn't believe I have been writing for two years so far. I am enjoying every minute of it.

There is a month left until vacation is completely over for another 9 months. Hopefully you guys find a way to make it the best summer vacation. Not saying going back to school would be a bad thing, but summer vacations are just that much better. I will come back with a list blog next week. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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Anonymous said:

We do the reading and you write! you are great at it

Mark said:

I still remember the day when i got my wisdom teeth out. I will never again eat banana pudding!!

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