5 Items You Might Need/Not Need for College

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Here is my newest rendition of the list blogs!

1) Laptops

You definitely need laptops. I find myself using laptops in all situations. It always seems like students are being pushed for time, so having a handy device like a laptop will help with homework and assignments. There are computer labs on campus, but it's never a guarantee that it will correspond to your specific assignment, or just function in general. But investing in a new, fast laptop won't hurt for college.

Verdict: NEED it.

2) Tablets

I own an iPad myself, and it's quite fun to play with, even useful on occasions. I've seen students on campus with various tablets and they all use it to their advantages. This, however, as I have experienced, is not a tool that is necessary for college. If you think you might use tablets in academics, you are probably going to be incorrect. Some people are really good with it, but most people use it for entertainment and other things. So if you are tight on your budget and are thinking about a tablet, just remember. It's not as useful as you think, but it provides great entertainment!

Verdict: DON'T NEED it.

3) Bicycles

I know what some of you are thinking. For some of you, it might be obvious not to bring a bicycle, but I've seen a good amount of people bring their own personal bicycles to campus. I'm not implying that it's a bad thing, but I don't see it as a necessary thing to bring when you are bringing other things to campus as well. Some people have preferences and they would like to bike to school, but the distance between East and North is not too far, and for everything else, there is a bus. I personally don't think it's necessary. There are also cycles at the CRC, along with real bikes that you can rent out for a good amount of time.

Verdict: DON'T NEED it.

4) Cars

A lot of students ask me if cars are necessary all the time. I always respond the same way. It's nice to have one, but it's definitely not necessary. There are plenty of things to do on campus. I am a commuter, so I have the car with me at all times. I use it to explore better restaurants in other parts of the city and such, but most activities and food come from on campus. If you want to bring it without a doubt, then I highly suggest you do so. But, if you are reluctant and mulling over a decision, I want to tell you that it's really not all that necessary. It might be extra work, along with extra money because of parking fees.

Verdict: DON'T NEED it.

5) Textbooks

I saved the best for last. I see students buy textbooks before they even attend a class all the time! This is not a smart idea. Unless you are told by the professor specifically that the book is mandatory and that there is work to be done before the first class, you won't need it at all! Make sure you attend the first class and get an idea of whether you will be needing it or not. I have seen much of my money go to waste because some of my classes didn't even use the textbook. What a waste of money. Don't make the same mistake. Be patient.

Verdict: DON'T NEED it.

It looks like most of the items on the list, you don't need. But in the end, it's all up to you to make those decisions! I hope it was somewhat of a help to you guys.


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