The disaster that is...snow days.

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Hello guys! It's Andy here with the blog. I had many options for this blog, but I decided to focus on the most interesting one: snow days.

So as you all know, school was delayed on Tuesday and cancelled on Wednesday. Needless to say, there was a little bit of drama amongst us commuters with the school's decisions.

If anyone remembers the weather conditions on Tuesday, it was bad. I live an hour away from campus to commute everyday. It's quite a long drive and a very dangerous one since I drive a very light car. It slips all the time.

So I was hoping for a cancellation of classes on Tuesday, until I read the email that said classes after 2pm are cancelled, and everything before it aren't. Now I didn't read this until I got back home, after I decided that the weather is too harsh for me to go to school. The text message alert came real late.

Fortunately, my professors cancelled classes, since they had some common sense. It was pretty much asking for trouble to drive on Tuesday. Some professors penalize students for not attending classes. What if you simply couldn't make it? What would the school have done in order to accommodate that?

Apparently, there were some complaints, so the school sent out emails claiming that the decision was purely based on forecasts. I mean seriously though. What kind of excuse is that? The email also included the phrase "use your best judgment" when commuting to school.

Can the school be more clear on this? Will I be penalized for using my best judgment? I simply cannot fight mother nature.

Needless to say, I wasn't a happy man on Tuesday. I was quite shocked school wasn't cancelled. What if I had driven half way up to Lowell to receive that text message? It would have not been pretty.

That's it for my rant haha. Come back later this week to read about another issue!



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