How was your first day?

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Hello everybody! It's Andy once again.

I am writing this blog in regards to my first day of second semester, which was yesterday. It was quite the day. I'll explain what happened, my impressions of each class and a few advices here and there.

As your all probably know, it was cold yesterday. Actually, cold would have been an understatement. The wind felt like knives against my face. It was that cold.

So being a commuter, I parked away from the campus a little bit and had quite a bit to walk to actually get inside any building. Needless to say, my thighs froze up and I couldn't feel my face.

My first class was Accounting Managerial, a class they switched the professors on me at the last moment. He is a new professor in the school and basically, the syllabus had a lot of information and work on it. The first thing I thought about was dropping it. I didn't know if I could handle it! Anyhow, I got through the class just fine and I'll explain a little more about that in a second.

Second class was Operations Analysis, a business course. It's math-related. I had a hard time understanding the professor. Most of his work is through Vista, so I went home to see if it's a lot of work. Guess what? Vista didn't have me enrolled on to his class! I'm still waiting for a reply from my professor, as I emailed him about it. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Third class was Oral Communications, and my best friend is in the class. It was a good time and I think I am going to like this class a lot. I'll tell you more about the class at the end of the semester, but I highly recommend this.

Okay, so the only advice I really have after my first day is to not overreact. It's obvious you are not going to like certain classes, but don't panic. Try to take a different approach at it. What I did was, I looked at is a challenge for myself. I know I can't get A's all the time, and that's why I want to see how I will fare in some of these classes before I do anything. If I put in enough effort, which I'm willing to, then good results will come out. I firmly believe that. I don't think any professor wants you to study 24/7. Let's see if we can put in some effort, a little more than last semester, and we will see where it takes us.

Good luck to everybody on their spring semester!

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