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What's up guys? It's Andy here again. Mid terms are still going on and I really should be studying! But I'm getting way too lazy haha.

First thing I wanted to touch upon are the sticks on the parking garages. What I mean by sticks is that thing that blocks illegal cars from the parking lots. The thing that goes up when we scan our cards. You all know what I'm talking about.

So I don't know if that's an issue in any other garages/spaces, but on the east campus garage, it's always a problem. The thing is always broken in half due to some illegal park-ers we have on campus.

Normally, I wouldn't care. I've seen it broken so many times last year. But now that I am actually paying for my parking spot [lived on campus last year], it kinda grinds my gears to see that idiots would purposely break the stick to park in the garage. How is that even fair to those that actually pay for parking? Where is the dignity?

Better off, what is the university doing to prevent this from happening? They are replacing the darn thing every 2 weeks only to see it broken again right after the installment. What can be done to fix the problem?

In annoying news, UMass Lowell lost their first hockey game of the season to Maine in a crushing 8-2 loss. It was hard to watch the box score throughout the game. Let's hope for the better next time around. It is a long season after all.

I want to touch upon the Westboro Baptist Church coming to Lowell real quickly. They are protesting a gay-themed play that UMass Lowell students are performing. You can search around if you feel like you want to do something against it. I won't get further into that.

Thanks for reading as always. I'll be back with something better, hopefully, next week!


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