October is almost ending...

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Hey guys, it's Andy here once again! I was going to write last week but I had a very busy week. Today, I am going to update you guys on my life and such [because it's so interesting :p]. On Wednesday though, I'll write about a new topic that I've been thinking about for a while. You guys might be interested in reading it.

So I finished all my mid terms and it was a disaster. I don't think I did well in any of them and I definitely know I could have studied a lot longer and harder. It's that 2nd month of the semester where you start to feel lazy and that's where the midterm gets ya. It's crazy. The timing can't be so perfect against vulnerable students.

Did you guys attend the Laramie Project? I haven't gone since the schedule doesn't fit me. I really wanted to go. The controversy surrounding the play with the Westboro Baptist Church got a good amount of press and exposure. The play itself sounded interesting to begin with. Definitely worth checking out.

I heard the hockey team had a successful home opener. I couldn't go as I was busy [what else is new], but they won in OT! The best hockey to watch is when they go into OT. That's excitement. Unfortunately, we lost our next game against Northeastern, which was on Saturday.

I also signed up for the 2nd half of the intramural semester. Basketball, soccer, and hockey are the sports I am planning on to participate in. I've said it all year long, give intramurals a try! It's a lot of fun. You also never know if your team will be great or not. Happened to me in broomball. Never played it before, gave it a shot, and our team went to the championship stage. It was a crazy ride and a memorable one.

I'll be back Wednesday guys! Til then, study hard!



NFL Picks said:

Hello,this story you post is really good and as you said interesting.You play hockey , for me hockey is the hardest sport to play because I don't know how to skate on ice.But I love watching it and sorry that you lost your game in Northeastern.I agree that playing intramural is fun , I'm on high school and the best intramural of my life is the sportfest this year in our school.Thank's for the lovely story and I hope you win more game's and be a champion someday.

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