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Hey what's up guys! It's Andy here. I wanted to do a quick entry before school. I have been very busy moving and aiding by my sister's side for her newborn baby boy! Very hectic couple of weeks, but I am ready to write again!

I am seeing a lot of students on social networking sites like Facebook updating their statuses on the upcoming school year! It's obviously normal, and I recommend getting excited for the first couple of weeks. College is a fun ride.

I do not want to be a party pooper, but for those of you that are excited, keep in mind that with excitement comes responsibility. College somehow packs so many aspects of life, and sometimes it takes students too late to realize that. It's always good to have the goal set in mind, then enjoy the atmosphere.

What I'm really trying to say, obviously, is that you shouldn't lose focus. You definitely want to start off on the right foot, especially in the first semester. I know I got off on the right foot and the rest of the year was just smooth and fun. Not telling you to stay in your dorm and study, but know when to separate yourself from the environment. Set your own standards, and then you will be golden.

I, too, am excited for my upcoming sophomore year. I will be commuting, and I am looking to meet new people for the upcoming year! Hope to see you all soon, and I hope I get to write sometime this week if moving isn't too hectic. I want to write about the opening week activities!!

Til then, stay classy you people.


"I hate this job!?"

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Hey guys, it's Andy here. Never mind the title haha, I'll get to that in a second. I thought I'd tell you guys about something new that the University is doing. They are fixing their entire website! And the best part is, for me anyway, is that I'm going to be a student that is featured somewhere along those pages! Crazy to think about. I finished my interview on Monday with the friendliest person I've talked to on the phone, and all is well. Be on the lookout!

Now going to the title. I know I throw in my bits of university news occasionally, but for the next couple blogs, I thought I'd concentrate on regular college kid stuff and my thought processes about my regular life. So the first topic is on jobs.

I recently quit my summer job, not only for school, but I really hated the work. I couldn't stand it and I didn't even want to come back for the winter. It might be quite the blow for me when winter comes along, but I still think that I made the right decision.

Before making the decision though, I had to think a lot about it. It may be a small job, but being financially tight as I am, I didn't want to risk too much going in. But then again, I had to weigh the emotional stress I've been building up throughout the job.

In the end, what I decided was that I needed to do what's best for me. At this point of my life, I have the flexibility to switch around jobs if I feel like I am not being treated with fairness and respect. There are circumstances for others when they are not in my flexibility, and I sympathize with them. Blogging for the university is a job for me, and I absolutely enjoy it. That is why I write here! I just simplified every concern I had.

I guess what I am getting at is that if you are reading this and may be in a similar situation, just think it through. It may seem like a hard decision at first, but once you think it out, you'll lean towards one thing. And don't look back, because you have to convince and believe yourself that you made the right decision.

Just make that extra effort to find another job. =]

Til next time,
Hey guys. Just one more month to go until school actually starts again! I am excited and disappointed at the same time. You all understand what I mean haha.

With the upcoming school year almost upon us, there seems to be lots of more news around campus about improvements. From parking spaces to signs, it looks like there will be some new things in the atmosphere. I'll briefly look into some of the improvements off the top of my head.

Parking Spaces
I know some commuters are definitely looking forward to this. I know I will be. It seemed like there were limited spaces for parking last year and students were forced to park in awkward spots. Hopefully the improvements that they have made on various parking lots will have us happy.

Apparently there are new direction signs being set up for those who may be lost on campus. These new signs will be nice and big for people to recognize. Another solid addition.

Probably one of the most anticipated aspects coming into the school year. Last year's food providing company will not return, and we will taste something new. Kind of a wild card here, but hopefully it goes the right way.

Expansion of Nanotech
They took down the Smith building I believe, to implement some other big building in there. It's going to be none other than the nanotech building. I know this doesn't really apply to me, but it's good to see that the school is expanding in all areas.

Well that's just some of the stuff that we will see, but I'm sure there are more. I should go to sleep, I am going to Rhode Island tomorrow! Til next time, stay safe and healthy!


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