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Hey guys, Andy here again. Only one more month to go until the start of a new school year! I can't believe it. I'm half disappointed and half excited at the same time. Most of you probably understand what I'm trying to say haha.

You all should check out Facebook for recreational school updates. It has come to a point in which Facebook has become a good source for information and updates as such. For example, if you check out this link, it will show you the Facebook event for the opening week at UML. Pretty cool.

It's also not too early to start looking for books. ISIS updated its system so that books are much more convenient to find than before. You can look them up right through ISIS, instead of going to the bookstore site before. So you guys should take a look and make mental notes for your budget. I also should remind you though, hold off from buying books until classes actually start, and see if you honestly need the books for your class. I couldn't believe how many textbooks I ended up not using last year.

By the way, I've been awarded work study this year, so I am looking hard for a fun and interesting job. I think I will be an office assistant in the English department. Professor Haines and I talked through email and she seemed like a very nice lady. Can't wait until school starts so I can make some money! haha

I am currently in New York having lots of fun. I am heading back home tonight, which is disappointing, but I do have a fun week scheduled. Hope you all enjoy your week as well!



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Hey guys, it's your blog pal Andy again! It's been a little bit since I wrote, but this blog is mainly going to be about stuff going on campus. I know it's the summer, but if you are a student, you've got to realize several things, and keep things in mind!

First thing is ISIS. Even if you are a first year student, you still should check it once every week. There isn't going to be anything urgent most likely, but it's good to check just in case. Right now, most financial awards should have been handed out through ISIS, so you can accept/decline everything there. It's quite critical to do this, in case there are loans that you might want to reject. It's automatically set to accept.

Second thing is email. By now you all should know we switched to the new email system. I've received some critical emails so you guys should keep your eyes open and your fingers moving. It's important.

Did you guys know that some upper-class-students haven't got their room assignments yet? It's because they didn't anticipate that many freshmen coming in this year, and they all want to give them housing. Pretty cool yet annoying for people getting housing. So if you are wondering still, that's the reason why. They might even move you to an apartment or something like that. Keep your ears open.

Those are some small things that you need to watch out for. I'll come back with a personal update later on this week!

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