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Hey guys! Andy here again. The first week of vacation has already begun!

I actually don't really feel like we are on vacation to be honest. I guess I'll have to wait a little more to let it sink in. But I am enjoying my down time.

I'm not working too much right now, which is sort of a concern, but I hope I am getting more hours later. This only means I have more time to blog! Haha I'll try to keep it exciting...not too much going on right now.

By the way, for all you students, you guys should check ISIS to see if there are any holds are present on your account. You may be required to send some documents and such. So hopefully you guys keep an eye out for that!

That's it for today! The weather got really hot the other day. I hope you all stay cool! And exercise as well!



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Hey everybody! Andy here with the weekly update.

I just woke up and I am enjoying sleeping in. Finals are over for me! It was a tough ride. Chemistry final was tough, history was the toughest. I guess at least the calc final wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Now I await the final grades on ISIS. I want to try and maintain a high GPA.

I live in an off campus apartment that leases through August, so I don't have to move my stuff just yet. I am excited to go home though. I can hang out with friends I haven't seen for a while, and I'll get my share of street hockey in, which is always a plus for me.

Our softball team lost our playoff game last Tuesday, ending our season. It was a semi-final game, but the other team was just too good. They were hitting home runs in and out. Nothing we can do about that. Hopefully we do better next season and win the championship! I really want those shirts!

I hope you all took your final exams successfully. It was a quick year, at least for me, and there are more obstacles to overcome. But it was one fun year, and I am already looking forward to next year.

I'll keep blogging over the summer to keep you all updated! See you next week!

Weekly Update

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Hi everybody! It's Andy here. It's the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

I am excited right now. Today is the last day for classes and only the finals await. It's been a great semester with challenging classes, and I am glad that it's almost over! I don't mean that because I hate school or anything like that [haha] but I do need a break. After the crunch month April, I am gassed out. Very gassed out. I hope I do well in the finals though!

Yesterday was my birthday! Since I am here, I couldn't really "celebrate" it, and I won't be home for another two weeks, so I guess the fun will have to wait. I did get a birthday cake and that was fun.

How are you guys studying for finals? If you guys are having trouble in one area, then there are extra help for everyone for every subject! Don't miss out if you are having trouble. Another way I have found that is extremely helpful is looking over past quizzes and tests. Professors do have a tendency of putting together pieces for the final. I've had good success last semester studying that way.

I'll try to write again tomorrow, maybe about an issue. Right now, I want to keep focused about studying for the finals. The Bruins are on tonight too, don't forget!

Anyways, I am glad that freshmen year went great. It was successful and I enjoyed it very much! I probably will be blogging over the summer as well, so check back often! Enjoy the last day of school!


Quick Update

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Hey guys! It's Andy here. I'll do a quick update.

I've been really busy for the last week or so! I am getting my second research paper done for English class, and I have final quizzes and exams coming up in a lot of classes. So I have been preparing for it nicely. I think I am ready.

My intramural softball team won our playoff game yesterday! So we are moving on. Hopefully we win the whole thing! I'll keep you guys updated.

Oh and I may be doing a radio show during the summer time on 91.5 FM, in a more convenient time for listeners. I'll keep you guys updated on that! That would be fun again.

Anyone paying attention to the Boston teams? Celtics and Bruins are getting it done, and the fan atmosphere is great! It's good to be in a "hockey" school. Everyone likes to talk about it, and I enjoy listening haha.

I am headed to the rec center now...I'll try to write more tomorrow. I know it's crunch time, but I gotta get my exercise in!


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