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Hello everybody! Andy again here.

It has been an interesting week! The Bruins playoffs started, and it's been great. I am really caught up in that, so I kinda forgot about what else is going on in my life haha.

Today, I just thought of a good topic to talk about. It's about the buses in UMass Lowell. Transportation buses that go north to south and such. This is probably going to be my fourth installment of "complaints" but the buses really ticked me off the other day.

So I had this psych study for my psychology class, which was mandatory. The study was at south campus, which I was fine with. The study was at 4. To make a long story short, I waited for the bus from 3:40, and was ultimately late to my study because of the bus. This is not the first time someone has complained about the bus schedule. It ended up arriving at 3:57, and I was penalized for being "late" to the study.

I understand that traffic would play a role in certain cases, but not showing up for 20 minutes is absurd. I don't want to dump all this on to the bus drivers, but students do frequently complain about the consistency of the bus times. I don't know what options are available to them at this point, but I hope something gets discussed sooner than later.

Anyways, I finished my history research paper. I am very proud of myself! I am getting hungry...I'll try to write up another one for tomorrow!

Hey guys, it's Andy again. Today, instead of an update, I am going to write about one of the issues that I have seen on campus! I think this will be my 3rd or 2nd complaint haha.

So we all know that UMass Lowell students have to cross the street all the time, as the location of our facilities requires us to. I certainly don't mind crossing the street, as there are many sidewalks for the students to utilize, and there are no hassles in terms of actually walking across the street.

Then comes the problem. Traffic is so heavy around here, and crossing the street can be a challenge. My brother observed something the other day, which raised some concerns.

While a student was crossing between Ball Hall and Olney, a car zoomed at a fast speed towards the crosswalk. The student obviously flinched, scared. The driver raised his arms up in the air with an angry look.

Now we don't even need go into detail, as it is the driver's obligation to yield to the pedestrians. However, this driver, driving a UMass Lowell facility car, didn't get the concept. Someone could have seriously gotten hurt.

This is not the first time I've seen impatient cars almost run over a student. What can we do to improve the situation? Do we really need to see something bad to happen to make a change? Are things fine the way it is right now? How can we improve driver awareness?

Point being is, if you are a driver on the roads in UMass Lowell, then please be careful. Let's help ourselves and create safer environments. I don't mean to take away kudos from the drivers that do drive safe. They deserve compliments. Now we just need to take care of the other bad ones....

I'll be back tomorrow with a regular blog. See you tomorrow guys!

Hey guys

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Hello guys! I hope you had a good week. The rain has finally stopped and we all found out that the Sun exists behind those clouds! Lovely.

I am here in the business lounge for business students. Just relaxing before history class. We have a lot of tests and projects due in the next 3~4 weeks. April is getting hectic, but the "crunch" month is when I need to deliver in the clutch. I wish luck to you all as well!

So I've been doing the radio show every Wednesday morning 7-9. It's a very relaxed show, more music based now, with sports. But sometimes it's hard to do it alone! Too bad my friends don't want to wake up that early haha.

I should've mentioned it a long time ago, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is coming to UMass Lowell during the graduation ceremony as a speaker! Congrats to the graduating students. They get to meet a real figure in sports. It's amazing how the university can bring in people of importance occasionally. It's really good to see on campus.

By the way, my intramural season for floor hockey and softball started. I am having too much fun right now. If it only wasn't for those projects and tests....

Anyhow, enjoy the Easter weekend. It's supposed to be in the 70s. Hooray!


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