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Hey guys! I am actually going to keep my promise and I am writing today! Yay!

So our broomball playoffs started on Monday in a single elimination style playoffs, and we had a good victory. Next game is tomorrow! I can't wait! Our team is really starting to get the sport now. We are getting comfortable. Softball and Floor hockey is about to start. If you go here, and you are interested in playing softball, email me at! We need players!

I'm also thinking about that Family Feud event. I'm not sure how it works, but it sounds interesting! It's like a quiz show.

By the way, for all you business majors, there is a special lounge for us here at the 2nd floor of Pasteur hall. I wanna say 208. All you need to do is scan your ID, and you should be able to get in. It is a great place to do your studies or just to relax before class.

Looks like I am loaded with a lot of work in the next couple of weeks. This is the crunch time I was talking about! I really need to stay focused.

The weather is really getting unpredictable. I hope you all dress accordingly until people can figure this New England weather out!


Weekly Bloggity

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So I was just in Chemistry class and I can tell you right now, this class is becoming unbearable every single day. It's just powerpoint slides after another. Bleh.

We are back from spring break! I feel very refreshed, as it was a much needed break. I got some homework done and all that. Played some street hockey as well.

Unfortunately, the "crunch" month is coming up for us. April is one of the worst months for a college student. This is when a great load of work gets poured on to us. I really need to be focused for the next 5 weeks or so if I don't want my grades to drop. I feel kind of nervous, as I have two research papers due towards the end of April. It's 8 pages each! (On topics I don't really know about)

So broomball playoffs start tonight and we are the #3 seed going in. Hopefully we pull out a win. Floor hockey should be starting soon in intramurals and I am pumped for that. Did you sign up for a sport?

For all you high school seniors, I hope you are getting a good idea of where you are going! Your crunch time is coming up slowly as well. Best of luck! I'll try to write again on Wednesday or Thursday!


Weekly Blog

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Hello everyone! We are nearing the spring break, 4 hours for me to be exact, and I cannot be any more excited!

So I had my first talk show in the radio! Morning Drive-by, every morning at 7AM to 9AM on WUML or 91.5 FM. I had a very very tough time getting up for it, but after the show, it really felt satisfactory. Hopefully I don't feel so sluggish next time around!

I also had the group process for the RA position here. It was awkward in the beginning, as we were doing icebreakers and things of that nature, but as the day went on, I got more comfortable. The pressure was on obviously, because you had to make an impression on the supervisors. Right now, it looks like I won't get the job. The competition was too fierce! They told us we'll find out after break, so I'll keep my fingers crossed til then.

This week wasn't all that exciting, so I don't have a lot to share with you! Oh, my broomball team suffered our first loss, but we are still a high seed going into the playoffs!

If I can suggest anything for you students going on spring break, it's only one thing. Enjoy it! This is supposed to refresh and recharge you for the last stretch. Utilize it to your advantage, and let's destroy the rest of the semester together!

Til next time,


Weekly Bloggity

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Hey guys. It's Wednesday today. Very busy week this week.

I had my RA interview on Tuesday. I was very nervous, pretty much shaking the whole time haha. I answered each question truthfully though, and I hope I get the job. We have a group interview process on Saturday, which I have to wake up early for. Hopefully it goes smoother on Saturday!

I am getting a radio show! It's the morning driveby, a morning talk show. I'll be doing sports and such, so it will be an interesting time.

Speaking of sports, it was the NHL trade deadline. I am a huge hockey fanatic. Boston Bruins didn't do much though. :(

I am thinking of attending the play "Measure for Measure" on campus this week. It seems like a good play, performed by the students. Tickets are $5, if any of you are interested in plays and such.

I have a blog topic for the next blog. I am going to talk about commuter students not feeling like they are part of the campus enough. A lot of commuters attend UMass Lowell, and it'd be great if the campus can get us a little bit more involved.

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