Parking...or not.

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Hey guys, it's Andy again with the weekly blog. Remember how I told you guys that I would do a blog about the parking atmosphere around on campus? Well, I did some observing over the course of the week and I've seen some positives and negatives around on campus, but more negatives than positives. It's unfortunate, but that's the reality.

Before I start, I want to let you guys know that although I am an off campus student, I live about 2 minutes away from campus with my brother, in an off campus apartment. I use the car for transportation sometimes, when I need to get around campus. I usually walk to school.

First thing I notice as I walk to school before my 9 o'clock class is that most parking spaces are already filled (near Cushing Field). I was always amazed how early people got up to get to class, and I'm sure the commuters will have to wake up extra early.

Most kids who are arriving just then would have to park far away from the buildings, in a completely different parking area. It is a big area, but most spots are filled all the time.

For off campus people (that live in Lowell) like me, we use the cars for quick use at times. We would need to have convenient street parking, but that is not the case. Most street parking spots are already occupied, and it's a hassle trying to find a single spot. The street where the infamous Suppa's is in, there are parking meters. Let me tell you though, they are overpriced. You'd have to pay a dollar just to park the car for an hour and have a relaxing meal.

Recently I got a ticket for street parking. Lowell has restrictions on street parking, which I wasn't aware of, something called residential parking. You'd have to have a parking sticker for some streets in the city, which also could be a hassle, because some of those streets are near campus.

A commuter told me that it's the worst feeling when they arrive at the university after a 45 minute ride and they can't find a parking spot. Remeber, these students paid for their parking spots. Think about that for a second.

If you are in my situation, then parking to go to the Rec Center is also a hassle. It's almost a gamble to see if there are available parking spots. Sometimes, I had to go back home because there weren't any parking spots. It gets frustrating at times.

The only positive I found out of all this was that postcard I received in the mail, just like all of you. It notified us of improved transportation services within the university, and it also said that they included hundreds of new parking spots. Hopefully, students will have a better time finding parking spots, especially those commuters who paid good money for them!

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Christian T. said:

Hey Andy,

My name is Christian. I'm a UML graduate who was once a commuter. Actually, I blogged for UML! I feel your pain when it comes to parking at UML. It took me quite awhile to finally get a feel of "the flow" of UML parking on all campuses. I've had some interesting experiences, if you come by and read my old blog.

I commuted from Boston, MA which was about 30-45min away, depending on traffic. Usually I have to get myself up really early to beat the 8am rush for spaces. It was very hard to get to class on time if I don't beat that rush.

It's pretty cool that you live 5 minutes away from campus. I definitely think that walking is your best option. I think its your best option because you don't have to stress yourself finding a space, get some nice cardiovascular exercise in the process (guess my major), and honestly, at times it's faster! When the weather gets warmer, I think its best to walk to classes. I've done it in between campuses and it's a breeze. I've never had a problem doing it. There's also an off campus parking site near North Campus which is a pretty good 1/4 mile walk / shuttle ride.

That's pretty awesome that UML is going to create more parking spaces for you guys! You should be extremely lucky! I hope it's a garage!!!!

Good luck!

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