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Weekly Update

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Hey guys, it's Andy again!

I promised you guys a blog on Wednesday, but I couldn't deliver. I apologize. This semester has been hectic so far! I'm surprised I'm keeping up with most things though.

There is only one thing in my mind currently, and it is the RA interview next Tuesday. I applied to be a RA a while back, and I got the interview. I really need to do well so I can secure the position, as it offers great benefits and a great thing to go along in the resume. I also always wanted to try it out. Hopefully it all goes well. I am making my resume right now!

Another thing I'm applying to is the Hoff Scholarship. I got the offer in the mail, and I am currently writing up the essay for the application. Wish me luck on that as well.

I was also offered to join the Honors Program, and I am kind of mulling over the offer. I don't know if it's going to be a tremendous amount of work, and I know I wouldn't be able to handle lots of work, especially if I obtain the RA position. Any suggestions/ideas?

I hope you all are enjoying the Olympics! I sure am. I finally have something legitimate to watch after 1AM other than informercials.

That's all I've got for today. I hopefully can write another blog tomorrow. Haha.

Be safe and healthy till the next blog,


Weekly Update!

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So yeah I just realized I didn't do a blog last week...so here we go.

I saw all those comments that were sent to me for approval after my parking blog last week. Thanks for all those comments, I was just too lazy to approve them all. I'll use schoolwork as my excuse haha.

I didn't realize parking was such a universal issue for commuters and in campus students. I'll definitely think about writing another one in the near future, because I've got some good tips and information for the students who can't find a parking spot.

Anyways, I am currently here on the Macgauvrun Student Center in South Campus, sitting at a table for WUML, for promoting the radio station to have a strong presence on campus. Many new students may not be aware that we exist, so we are out here, handing out free CDs, and letting people know we exist. Come stop by on Wednesdays! The guys put hard work into the station for you all!

By the way, the intern meeting is this Thursday, so if you are interested, go to the basement of the Lydon Library to the media center, where the meeting will be held.

I hope you all are paying attention to the Olympics! Some great hockey action tonight, which I will be enjoying.

My intramural broomball season kicked off last week, but I'll write more about it tomorrow, when I'll be doing another blog!

Until then, let it snow!

Parking...or not.

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Hey guys, it's Andy again with the weekly blog. Remember how I told you guys that I would do a blog about the parking atmosphere around on campus? Well, I did some observing over the course of the week and I've seen some positives and negatives around on campus, but more negatives than positives. It's unfortunate, but that's the reality.

Before I start, I want to let you guys know that although I am an off campus student, I live about 2 minutes away from campus with my brother, in an off campus apartment. I use the car for transportation sometimes, when I need to get around campus. I usually walk to school.

First thing I notice as I walk to school before my 9 o'clock class is that most parking spaces are already filled (near Cushing Field). I was always amazed how early people got up to get to class, and I'm sure the commuters will have to wake up extra early.

Most kids who are arriving just then would have to park far away from the buildings, in a completely different parking area. It is a big area, but most spots are filled all the time.

For off campus people (that live in Lowell) like me, we use the cars for quick use at times. We would need to have convenient street parking, but that is not the case. Most street parking spots are already occupied, and it's a hassle trying to find a single spot. The street where the infamous Suppa's is in, there are parking meters. Let me tell you though, they are overpriced. You'd have to pay a dollar just to park the car for an hour and have a relaxing meal.

Recently I got a ticket for street parking. Lowell has restrictions on street parking, which I wasn't aware of, something called residential parking. You'd have to have a parking sticker for some streets in the city, which also could be a hassle, because some of those streets are near campus.

A commuter told me that it's the worst feeling when they arrive at the university after a 45 minute ride and they can't find a parking spot. Remeber, these students paid for their parking spots. Think about that for a second.

If you are in my situation, then parking to go to the Rec Center is also a hassle. It's almost a gamble to see if there are available parking spots. Sometimes, I had to go back home because there weren't any parking spots. It gets frustrating at times.

The only positive I found out of all this was that postcard I received in the mail, just like all of you. It notified us of improved transportation services within the university, and it also said that they included hundreds of new parking spots. Hopefully, students will have a better time finding parking spots, especially those commuters who paid good money for them!

Until next time,


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