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Hey guys, it's Andy here. I am currently in New Hampshire while typing this, at my sister's house. As mentioned before, she is pregnant and we are being very cautious so she doesn't get annoyed!

First thing I should mention to you current students out there is that you should frequently check your email if you haven't already! The school email that is. There will be informative emails from time to time, such as a change in the instructor in one of your classes, or maybe even your financial aid situation.

The radio show is on again tonight at 10PM~12PM! 91.5 FM or wuml.org. Make sure you guys tune in!

Did you guys do your book shopping yet? I haven't, and I don't plan to until maybe a week into the classes. I ended up not using some of the books that I bought in the first semester, so I'm going to wait it out and see what I really need. I don't suggest this to all of you, but if you suffered the same fate as me last semester, maybe it's a smart idea this time around.

The Patriots lost by the way. That was a pathetic game. At least we still have the Bruins! And the Riverhawks.

Now it's only two weeks until we go back guys! Enjoy your break. And for those of you are that applying right now to colleges, consider UMass Lowell! If you are here reading this, you are probably interested. Check out all the other blogs and see what it has to offer.

Til next time, stay safe!

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