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Winter break!

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First off, Merry Christmas everybody! I am currently very comfortable in my home, writing this from my bed. The first semester has gone by quick! I can't believe it.

All my grades have come out, and my GPA for the semester is a 3.85 out of 4.00. I even surprised myself. All the hard work paid off. Like I have updated all of you throughout the semester, if you work hard independently and get all your work done, the results will be satisfying! I hope you all had good grades this semester as well.

Since I am a WUML DJ now, I will have a short slot during the winter break! I encourage all of you to tune in on Wednesday nights 10PM~12PM at 91.5 FM or at I'll be playing all kinds of music and will be talking on many occasions. Hopefully I don't mess up too much!

I hope all of you are having a Merry Christmas. I am glad to tell you guys that I will be returning next semester as a blogger again, and I will keep you guys updated with all the fresh news. I will tell you guys how things go next week at the radio show. Until then, enjoy the holidays!

Quick Update

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Alright, so I have decided to give you guys a quick update, instead of a nice long blog that I usually do, because right now, I am busy preparing for my exploring the universe final at 6:30 PM tonight. So here it goes:

I passed the WUML DJ intern test! I am an official DJ now. I might be getting a show this upcoming semester, or I might not be, it depends. I may be getting a show during winter break, so I will keep you guys updated on that. I need you all to listen! Basically, the test was a lot harder than I expected, and I honestly thought I failed. After I saw some of the interns get dismissed one by one, I was freaking out. But they came in and told us the remainder of the interns in the room had passed, and I was very excited. I recommend this experience to everyone.

I have to get going and study some more. This final is going to be very challenging, I'm not sure if I remember too much. I'm hoping I can continue the momentum and ace it, but that's highly unlikely.

Hope all of you do well on your finals! I am out!

Big Day

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Hello everyone, it's Andy. Sorry about not writing yesterday, I was loaded with homework! Yes, I know, it's towards the end of the semester, but yes, there are some homework still assigned.

So today is the big day. As some of you may know, I have been interning at the WUML student radio station on campus ever since the beginning of the semester. It has been a long process of learning and enjoying music, but today is the final day. We have to take our DJ tests tonight, and it is the opportunity to make us from interns to official WUML DJs. I am very excited for the test, but nervous as well. There are areas I need to brush upon, and I have been studying since 12. I hope everything goes well. All my hard work can't go to waste!

Have you guys been paying attention to UML hockey? They are doing very well, and we are 9th in the nation, and we might even have a chance at a tourney this year! Like I have mentioned before, even if you don't like hockey, try attending some of these games. They are very exciting and it's fun to be around the student fans since they are so motivated and interesting to say the least.

I recently checked out the underground tunnels we have on north campus. It is such an interesting pathway. If it's too cold outside, you can basically take this underground tunnel to get you to places around campus. It can get a little hot, but nonetheless, go check it out for yourself!

I should go back to studying guys. Until next time, stay warm! There is snow outside!

Andy's update!

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Hello everybody! This is Andy with the weekly blog. This blog is a little late, I apologize for that, it has been a busy week for me last week. However, I will be writing a blog today and tomorrow, so no worries. It has been an interesting week.

The atmosphere on campus now is really the preparation for the finals. It is a huge part of our classes' grades, and students are working hard to really grasp the material. The teachers are going over old material now in order to prepare us for the finals. I can really sense the urgency, and that the semester is really winding down. It's quite exciting yet scary.

There was an ISIS update that was activated last Wednesday. I tried the new baby out, and needless to say, it has been pretty much awesome. It was definitely updated to make adding/dropping classes easier, with easier access to all the important information or activities we need to do. The setup was much easier and sensible. I am sure all students can agree with me on this subject.

One yucky thing did happen last week though. To further prove the point that Lowell has parking problems, I ended up getting a parking ticket for an off street parking. It was right in front of my off campus apartment, and it wasn't a good feeling. Apparently we needed a residential parking sticker in order to park the car off street. This is a good thing to keep in mind if you for future references. I know most commuters will have school parking stickers, but just in case you ever need to, just remember this fact. The Lowell police are on top of their game when it comes to parking stickers.

I'll write more tomorrow, about my internship at the radio station. The days are winding down. See you tomorrow, and stay warm!

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