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Hi everybody, it's Andy again.

So the home opening hockey game for UMass Lowell hockey came as advertised. I attended the game, and the experience was amazing.

To all you non-hockey fans, even if you don't like hockey, go and support UML! We have improved so much in the last 10 years or so, and this year's team looks very strong.

I have never been to the Tsongas Arena before, but I had an expectation in mind. As soon as I entered through the main entrance, I already could hear the students cheering. Loud UML chants were thumping throughout the arena, and right away I knew I was at a hockey atmosphere, which I love.

I realized that we have some real enthusiastic fans. It was amazing to be a part of the fan group, it really had me going, Many blue shirts were in the crowd, and the fan entertainment sure didn't disappoint. With giveaways and intermission activities, it never really got "boring."

We ended up winning  the game, with a great 3rd period comeback. I was learning chants throughout the game, and the comeback goal we scored against Colgate was classic. The crowd all stood up in one motion and the band played the music so loud, oh god, it was just great. Being a freshmen, I realized that this is what supporting your team was all about.

We have a game against BU this Friday, a revenge game if you will. We lost in the Hockey East finals last year to BU, with a controversial call in the 2nd period (a goal was not credited even with review). Hopefully we can continue our winning ways, and I sure hope it's filled with excitement throughout the whole game, just like it was against Colgate.

My advice to you is this. Whether you're a student here at UML or not, try to attend one of these home games. Hockey alone won't change someone's mind about a college, but just like many other colleges, UML fans have a unity here as well. Try out the atmosphere and see if you like it. It will be worth your trip and time.

So long til next time. Go Riverhawks!


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