The Great Debate

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Hello everybody, it's Andy again. This week I am going to write about something interesting. I will be talking about the great debate: Fox Hall vs. Southwick. Right now you probably got an idea what I will talk about. That's right, I will be discussing the food between both places, and the positives and the negatives between them.

For those of you that are not familiar with both places, Fox hall is a building located in East Campus, where students live, with some classes being held there as well. There is a dining hall there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Southwick is a building in the North campus, where many business related classes are taken. There is a dining hall there in the most bottom floor.

Fox Hall
  • It is a great place to make new friends, as many students go here. It is rather easy to make new friends, as you can just sit down anywhere, and most kids are welcoming.
  • There is a good variety of foods to choose from as it is a buffet setting. You can get anything you want.
  • It has ice cream. 
  • It doesn't use your Riverhawk dollars, it is the primary meal in the "meal plan."
  • There is a convenience store located right next to it, and it makes it much easier to buy necessary things.
  • Best Food: Omelets.
  • The variety can get old after a little bit.
  • Some people just plain out don't like the food.
  • Some people complained of increased bathroom visits after eating.
  • On some occasions, some foods don't look fresh.

  • It has awesome tasting fries. I know, fries are unhealthy, but I cannot stop!
  • The Mongolian Grill is an Asian stir fry food station, and it tastes great.
  • There is a TV in one of the dining rooms, showing ESPN.
  • The milkshakes are a refreshing option.
  • There are snacks there that tastes great, like the brownies or parfaits.
  • This is my opinion, but everything tastes great there.
  • The lines can get really big. Today, the line was ridiculous.
  • Sometimes there are a shortage of condiments.
  • The salad bar lacks quality.
  • The food can be a little small if you are feeling hungry.
  • You will have to use money or Riverhawks dollars, as it is not the primary meal offered by the university.

That's pretty much it. I suggest you all to try out both places if you haven't already. Every place has its flaws, but it still offers good food for students on campus. Bon Appetit!


Hai Pham said:

Nice comparison and blog so far! Maybe you should take a trip down to South Campus and do a comparison with the Mill City Dining! It, like Fox, uses meal plan swipes and is buffet (all you can eat) style dining. I remember hearing as a freshman that South always had better food, but I have to say, I do miss East dining.

Andy Hwang said:

Ah thank you very much. I enjoy reading your blogs as well, or should I say watching...haha.
I will make sure I try the south campus dining hall. If it's that tasty that it's blog worthy, then I will be on it. Haha I sound like a phantom gourmet guy.

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