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Hello everyone, it's Andy again. I have no specific topic for the blog today, I figured I could just update you guys with quick hits with what interests me on campus currently.

Intramurals sign ups end on Thursday, but I made sure and signed up my team for street hockey. This should be a fun tournament, if you are a current student, there are many other activities you can sign up for! Example? Dodgeball, and the winning team wins $1000. The championship game gets to be played on Tsongas ice! I would've signed up, but I have shoulder tendinitis and it would have not been pretty for my shoulder. But all you others who are interested, there is an extra motivation obviously. Don't be afraid to join!

The UMass Lowell hockey season kicks off this Friday, the 23rd. I have been waiting for this ever since my acceptance. I love hockey, and I finally have a college team that I can root for. We are ranked #2 in the Hockey East, so hopefully we pull off a dominating victory on Friday. I will be sporting my blue, as you all should, and will be having a blast. There are festivities at the Rec Center before the game, like a rally, so I will be there as well.

Tip of the week is study area. If you want to succeed, then you better study. And we all know you won't work as hard if you are stuck in your dorm or doing it at the last second. So I recommend to all the North Campus students to go to the Lydon Library. There are study areas on each floor, and it has helped me a lot in terms of focusing on my studies. Just sit down, get your work out, and relax. It will be done in no time. I'm usually there on the 2nd floor, so you can drop me a hello as well. But try the library, it's an awesome place.

Not much more to it than that this week. Have you guys realized how crazy this New England weather is? Snow on Friday, and then hitting the 60s again tomorrow. I have given up on the weather. Have a good one guys!

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