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6/6/12 UPDATE - Powerpoint presentation added

The following was sent to campus finance system users by Tom Hoole on May 29th regarding fiscal year end:


Please find the annual Fiscal Year End memo and presentation with specific financial cut-off dates and open meeting schedule. 

FY12 End of Year Memo.docx


FY12 Year End Meeting Presentation.pptx


There will be three open meetings to discuss year-end issues and answer questions.  Please feel free to attend any one of the meetings listed below:


North Campus

Monday, June 4

11AM – Noon

Cumnock Hall, Trustees Room


South Campus

Tuesday, June 5

1-2 PM

Dugan Hall, Room 105



East Campus

Thursday, June 7

1-2 PM

Wannalancit Business Center, Room 415


Summit Training sessions are being offered this summer to support Finance System users.   This training will focus on access to the Finance System dashboards that support department administrators, managers, and PIs. 

Training is conducted by the Comptroller's Office with Maura Shield as the lead contact. 

Training dates:
Wednesday   June 13  9-11:00      Southwick 302
Wednesday   June 20  9-11:00      O'Leary 237
Tuesday        July 17   9-11:00       O'Leary 237
Wednesday   July 18   9-11:00       Southwick 302
Wednesday   August 1   9-11:00     Southwick 302
Wednesday   August 15  9-11:00   O'Leary 237

Please contact Norma Clark ( or x4764) to reserve your spot in one of these classes.

Summit Finance Navigation Refresher and New Functionality

  • When you log into Summit Finance, you will default to the Summary Page of the FDM: Academic Admin, FDM: Department Admin or FDM: PI Dashboard.
  • Without entering any information in the prompt section of the Summary page, you can scroll down the page and view a one line summary for all of the fund/departments and projects that you have security for.  If you have security for a large number of departments, you may want to enter information in the prompt section (i.e. fund, department id, etc) and only view specific fund/departments and projects.  (Remember, anytime you change information in the prompt section, you must hit “Go”.)
  • From the Summary page, you can then select the project or fund to review the project activity or fund/department activity further. 
  • This navigates you away from the Summary page to an activity page.  The activity page provides a snapshot of the project or fund/department, including a Revenue and Expense Summary.  New Functionality - At the activity page, you will now have the ability to drill on any amount (month to date, year to date, project to date or encumbrance) in the Revenue and Expense Summary and see the transactions that make up the drilled upon amount.

  • Please note that there is a known issue with printing to PDF for all of the new transaction detail reports.  If you do receive an error message, please print to HTML or download to Excel.

The new “transaction detail” functionality should make it easier to review activity in your projects and fund/departments.  Please continue to provide feedback on the Summit Finance tool as enhancements are constantly being made to Summit Finance. 

FYI - In case you missed the original announcement, Summit Finance is now one day behind PS Production. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Maura Shield at or x3515.


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