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What is the change?
The Finance Application is implementing a new Secure Access Login process.  The University of Massachusetts is enhancing the application login process by leveraging University campus accounts.  Your campus account (i.e. with corresponding password) can be used to access the following Enterprise applications: 

  • e*mpac Finance - production system for transactions & reporting system
  • HR Direct - human resource self-service for all employees
  • Summit - university reporting; limited users
  • eCert - grants effort certification


How is this changing?
The Secure Access Login process enables users to access multiple Secure Access Enterprise Applications with one account and password.  You no longer have to login to each application separately.  Now you just login to one Enterprise Application to access all Secure Access Enterprise Applications within the same browser session. 


Attached for your reference are the following documents:

  1. UMass Secure Access UPK Content.pdf This document has the links to the Training Guide for Secure Access and also has the link to UPK (UMass Productivity Kit).  The UPK player will allow you to   see/try/do the new login process.
  2. Enterprise Application Secure Access Login Fact Sheet.pdf.  This document is a handy one page reference document that provides quick steps on how to log in and log out of the Finance Application via  Secure Access.

When will this change take place?
The New Login Process will be effective as of Monday, July 19th.


Who is impacted?
All users of the Finance Application.

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