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UMass Lowell is now using DocuSign as an electronic signature tool within the Access Request Process for the Finance System.    This is intended to improve campus compliance with security access policies while doing so without the need for paper to shuffle from office-to-office.

As part of new procedures, all managers/supervisors must sign-off on access requests for any of their employees.    The campus data custodians for each functional area will authorize the specific security roles and the Information Technology office will update the security settings once all approvals have been collected.

Managers may receive emails from Docusign and need to take action for these security requests to be processed.   A sample of these emails is below: 


New access request forms can be found at either of the following locations:

If you have any questions about this new process please email .

MESSAGE FROM:  Thomas S. Hoole, C.P.M., Director of Procurement Services


Purchasing, working in conjunction with the UMass System Office and other campuses, is pleased to announce a new travel initiative that will provide new resources to the UMass Lowell community for their travel needs.  These new resources will include an online booking tool and a traditional travel agency to assist with your travel bookings in the future.  The online booking tool known as Egencia is the corporate arm of and will be recommended for basic domestic travel bookings.  The traditional agency known as the Travel Collaborative will bring a high level of service to international travelers and some of the more complex domestic trips.  All of this will be accessible from the catalog section of BuyWays or the Procurement web page.


Please join us on Thursday, March 13th at one of two presentations as we unveil this new travel program.  You will get to hear more about the program, meet representatives from both agencies and see a demonstration of the Egencia tool.  We will be offering a session on North campus in the morning and South Campus in the afternoon.  Details below:


Date:     Thursday, March 13th
Time:     10 12
Place:    North Campus; Cumnock Hall; Trustee Room

Date:     Thursday, March 13th
Time:     1 3
Place:    South Campus; Health and Social Sciences  Building (HSSB)  Room 150


We look forward to seeing you next week.


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