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3/17/14 Summit Update Complete


The Summit Financials update was successfully completed on Friday 3/14/14.

If you have any display issues the rule of thumb is to clear browser cache and history.  If you continue to have issues, please contact  

Here is a reminder of certified browser version, we have seen fine results with some advanced browser versions, but this is the official Oracle published list:

Browser Vendor

Browser Version






Google Chrome


Internet Explorer








The Summit Finance System will be unavailable this Friday, 3/14/14, as a patch set is being applied to the Summit tool.  One enhancement that users will notice immediately is the “bread crumbing” at the bottom of each Summit page.  Users will now be able to see how they navigated to a particular page of a dashboard.  (For example, FDM: Department  Admin: Summary > FDM: Department Admin: Budget Balance Activity > Budget Balance – Expense Summary – All Accounts)  While users can still use the “return” link to go back to the previous page, users will also be able to use the “bread crumbing” to return to a previous dashboard page. 

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