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Due to a planned server maintenance event happening early Saturday morning ,10/26/13, all Summit Dashboards will not be available on Saturday morning until about 10:30am.

Summit will not be running our normal Finance and HR Batch processes on Friday evening as well so when the systems are available on Saturday the data will be as of Thursday night’s batch run.

Batches will run as normal on Sunday evening.

Hardware maintenance is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, from 4-7:00am.  You will be able to enter transactions during this time but batch processes and Integration Broker(IB) will be on hold for the Production and Reporting environments until the maintenance is completed.  
UITS has released the following list of browsers and versions that are compatible with Summit.  
Chrome 12+
Internet Explorer 9.x 
Firefox 6+
Firefox 17+

The latest release of Google Chrome - 30.0.15999.69 is causing performance issues with Summit.  It has been reported as an issue to the vendor.  Once a resolution has been found, an update will be posted.
For now, it is recommended to use Firefox, IE8  or earlier version of Chrome.  
To determine which version you have installed, go to the top right of the address bar - and click on the 3 bars, then click on About Google Chrome.  This will give you version information.  To revert to an earlier version of Chrome, check the FAQ's on the Help Desk site - 

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