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On May 3, 2013, 38 students from this semester’s interdisciplinary Sound Thinking course demonstrated their final projects. The course was led by Prof. Jesse Heines (Computer Science) and Prof. Alex Ruthmann (Music).  

Heines noted that this year's class was the largest to date, and that “we’re now at the limit that our classroom can accommodate.”

This year, Ruthmann introduced MaKey MaKey boards to the course, allowing students to create instruments out of Play-Doh, bananas, and other whimsical substances. A MaKey MaKey board was used in the guitar shirt (see photo below).

Other teams really pushed their creativity by mixing electronic and instrumental music.

Students also used the Ichi Board for bridging between the physical and computational worlds. One student team created a piece for trumpet, Ichi Board, and drum machine; another created an guitar+Ichi Board duet.

The faculty team behind the Sound Thinking course also includes Prof. Gena Greher (Music). As part of an NSF-funded dissemination, the team will be conducting their third 2-day workshop for university faculty later this month at the UMass Lowell Inn and Conference Center.

Guitar Shirt created by students Adam Hostetler and Alyssa Hamann

Trumpet, Ichi Board, and Drum Machine piece performed by students Jake Galloway, Kelly Macancela, and Jeremy Fauvel

Guitar and Ichi Board duet performed by students Scott Boiko and Eric Getchell

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