Agnello defends MS thesis on smartphone apps for monitoring human physical activity

On March 21, 2011, Alessandro Agnello successfully defended his Master’s thesis, entitled “Design and evaluation of an Android/Web based system for acquiring users’ physical activity with minimal interaction.” This work was supported by adviser Dr. Haim Levkowitz.

Agnello developed an Android application that tracks a user’s physical activity using sensors built into most Android phones (primarily, GPS and accelerometer data). The application then analyzes the collected data and verifies that the user is actually doing physical activity (e.g., identifying running vs. sitting in a moving car).

Upon ending a session (shutting down the application or user selection), the application communicates with a web server and sends the user’s current physical activity completed. A corresponding web site displays different measurements of the user’s physical activity (by week, month, or year). Additionally, the web site offers RSS feeds dedicated to help motivate the user to continue their physical activity.

As this is application part of a framework for what could be a complete solution, Agnello designed this project in a modular structure for easy porting.  The technologies used in the development of this work were the Android operating system, PHP, MySQL and HTML. Dr. Guanling Chen served as thesis reader for the project.

Screenshot of Agnello’s Distance Watcher web site that accompanies the project’s Android phone app.

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