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The University of Massachusetts President’s Office recently made a Creative Economy Award to Profs. Yi Yang and Steven Tello (Management) and Prof. Guanling Chen (Computer Science).  

Their project, Online Social Networks and Nascent Entrepreneur Success, is meant to examine how early stage entrepreneurs use electronic social networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook, to build their business.

The PIs are specifically interested in how entrepreneurs connect with other people in the electronic network to secure the many resources needed to start their business (e.g., money, labor, knowledge).  

This project extends an earlier project funded through the UMass Lowell Provost’s Office that examined how technology entrepreneurs used networks associated with business incubators.  

These new funds will allow the PIs to focus on how entrepreneurs building the “Creative Economy” gather needed startup resources.   

The successful outcome of the project is expected to be useful for developing recommendations regarding where new entrepreneurs should focus networking time and effort for the success of their venture.
At the end of the Spring 2011 semester, eighteen students in Prof. Holly Yanco's 91.550 Multi-Touch Computing class presented their final projects.  

In the course, students learned how to program the Microsoft Surface, multi-touch product from Microsoft that allows a user, or multiple users, to manipulate digital content by the use of gesture recognition.

In addition to creating projects for the Surface, Yanco's students read extensively from literature in the field.

Student projects included multi-touch versions of poker, Bananagrams, Tetris, curling, photo editing, painting, backgammon, four person pinball, and other games.  Also, one student combined the Surface with the Microsoft Kinect, a low-cost 3D scanner.

A sampling of projects can be seen in videos below.  Over the summer, all of the project movies will be edited and put on the Robotics Lab's YouTube channel.

Grudge Battle by Dante Kappotis

Multi-Touch Photo Editor by John Fertitta

Attack of the Insects by Chris Granz

Texas Touch 'Em by Jim Dalphond

Fleurs du Ma by Abe Shultz

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