Robotics faculty, students ship quartet of papers to TePRA

UMass Lowell's robotics faculty and students will be presenting four new papers at the IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Practical Robot Applications (TePRA). The conference will be held on April 11 and 12, 2011 in Woburn, MA.

The TePRA conference is based in the greater Boston area, and has the goal of introducing students to “the state-of-the-art in practical robotics R&D and representatives of both industry and the military.”

Prof. Holly Yanco's Robotics Lab will be presenting two papers: Hand and Finger Registration for Multi-Touch Joysticks on Software-Based Operator Control Units, by Mark Micire, Eric McCann, Munjal Desai, Katherine M. Tsui, Adam Norton, and Holly A. Yanco, and Essential Features of Telepresence Robots, by Munjal Desai, Katherine M. Tsui, Holly A. Yanco, and Chris Uhlik.

Prof. Yanco has a third paper based on her collaborations at MITRE, Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for UAV Landings and UGV Navigation, by Nathan Rackliffe, Holly A. Yanco, and Jennifer Casper.

Prof. Fred Martin's doctoral student Haiyang Zhang will present the fourth paper, entitled Robotic Mapping Assisted by Local Magnetic Field Anomalies

Prof. Yanco notes that when a previous robotics student, Erin Rapacki, presented at TePRA two years ago, “her work was picked up by New Scientist and Popular Science based on exposure at this conference.”

So it promises to be a high visibility event, with excellent representation this year from UMass Lowell.

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