Web Update, January 2012


Migration Plan
In a change from the previous model, we are moving most sites as-is into Tridion.  In order to expedite this migration from Collage to Tridion, we are hiring two part-time web maintainers and two part-time web technicians to provide centralized web maintenance services and assist in site migration. 

Departments should continue to maintain sites in Collage until contacted by a member of web services with a “freeze date.”  We estimate migration to take two to four weeks per site depending on the size and complexity of the site.

Training is being conducted by Web Services. Training of maintainers with sites already imported in Tridion will take place during the end of January. We are offering three small-group training sessions per week.  Online registration should begin next week. An email will be sent to all site maintainers. We are also developing online materials including a knowledge base and how-to videos. 

Maintenance Model
To improve the amount of regular website updates we are moving to a hybrid model. The majority of departments can still maintain their pages using the web content management system, but we are also are centralizing the maintenance of some of the more top-level or complex sites.  Some departments that require more regular updates also have hired part-time employees to work with the Web Office to maintain their sites.

Current Progress
• Continue daily web task updates and maintenance
• Edit and design 4-6 evites per month
• Develop forms and other web applications as needed
• Update faculty bios for academic departments
• Performed bug fixing and re-testing
• Implemented usability enhancements
• Implemented Tridion SiteEdit (in-context editing) and workflow
• Developed training program and materials
• List of sites completed and in progress is below

Feedback and Improvements
Overall the feedback on the new design has been positive. We are waiting to make any significant design changes until we complete a usability study at the beginning of FY13 when a large portion of websites are in the new system.  In the meantime we have simplified the fonts, feature navigation and animation features, streamlined the button design, and flipped secondary feature and placement of social media icons.

Search results show that the new navigation and design enable visitors to better find what they are seeking.

During the last three months of 2010 there were over 5000 searches on the keyword "Registrar" after the new web was launched there were only 48 in the same time period.

Usability Success: Search Term Results

Last 3 months of 2010

Last 3 months of 2011

“Registrar” – 5,121 searches

“Registrar” – 48 searches

“email” – 2,707 searches

“email” - 5 Searches

“iSiS” – 2,831 searches

“iSiS” – 13 searches

“Financial Aid” - 458 searches

“Financial Aid” – 3 searches


FY 12 Enhancements
• Eventbrite Agreement

The University has signed an agreement with EventBrite online event management system.  With the software, users can build their own ecommerce registration forms, with university branding, promote and manage events and print tickets. We expect to have this ready for university-wide use in February/March.

• Mobile App/Web In Production
The University is finalizing the contract with a mobile web app provider.

The consultant who assisted in our initial Tridion build has been contracted for three additional projects:
• UML Today         
Re-build, redesign and enhance daily newsletter application largely driven from external feeds, online form and dynamic www content
• e-Newsletters       
Build centralized e-Newsletter application (auto mailing or mail-on-demand a digest of stories and teasers from Tridion). Tie into Lyris for statistics if possible or what Tridion has available. In the interim, we are using Constant Contact with a University template for colleges that have or want to launch e-newsletters.
• Catalog        
Import the UMass Lowell Online Catalog into the new web content management software.  As part of the import, we will implement previously recommended usability improvements, have the ability to print to pdf, and automatically feed courses from the external ISIS file.  Other improvements will be implemented where possible.

The Provost has indicated that a committee will be formed to address the organization of the online catalog and the format of a print version.  Guidance from Academic Affairs on this process is essential. We will revisit after recommendations from the committee and reorganize where necessary.

Sites Completed:

  1. Home page
  2. About UMass Lowell
  3. Academics landing page
  4. Undergraduate landing page
  5. Graduate landing page
  6. Research landing page
    a. ORA
    b. Institutional Compliance
    c. CVIP
  7. College landing pages
    a. Engineering
    b. Health & Environment
    c. Arts & Sciences
    d. Management
    e. Education
  8. Explore pages (16)
  9. Student Life landing page
  10. Faculty/Staff landing page
  11. Press Room
  12. News Landing
  13. Undergraduate Admissions
    a. Open House 
  14. Graduate Admissions
  15. Financial Aid
  16. International Applicants
  17. International Programs
  18. ISSO
  19. Faculty Development Center
  20. Center for Public Opinion
  21. ASEE 2012 Conference
  22. Institutional Research and Reporting
  23. Learning Outcomes
  24. Academic Affairs
  25. Experiential Learning
  26. Dickens in Lowell Conference

Sites in Production:

  1. Residence Life - 1/12
  2. School of Health & Environment – 2/12
  3. Clinical Lab and Nutritional Sciences
  4. Community Health and Sustainability
  5. Health Management & Policy
  6. Nursing
  7. Physical Therapy
  8. Work Environment
  9. Information Technology - 3/12
    a. ISIS
    b. HR Direct
    c. EMPAC Financials
    d. Document Imaging 4. CLASS – 3/12
  10. Registrar 3/12
  11. Commencement - 1/12
  12. Chancellor’s – 1/12
  13. Parent’s Program/Parent’s Orientation – 2/12
  14. Honors Program – 1/12
  15. Submillimeter Wave Lab – 1/12
  16. CPH-NEW – 1/12
  17. M2D2 – 2/12

Other sites are being scheduled for import beginning in March.

Gerry Nelson, web director, Gerry_Nelson@uml.edu, ext. 3227

Elaine Keough, web communications director,  Elaine_Keough@uml.edu, ext. 3325



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