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Troubleshooting Browser Issues


manage-add-ons.PNGWe’ve been contacted by web maintainers about a series of new issues using Collage, such as inability to upload pictures and documents as well as having to continuously log in. Please check the following settings to ensure that Collage is able to work properly.

NOTE: You cannot upload documents using Mozilla Firefox.

First do a system check in Collage by going to this url :


collage check.PNGMake sure that MSXML and ActiveX Menu control have no red error messages. 

Your browser and Java Virtual Machine (JVM ) can have some unsupported versions and Collage will still work fine.

For Internet Explorer 8:
1) Make sure it’s 32-bit (not 64-bit). Check this under the Help menu in your browser and clicking on About Internet Explorer. If it is 64-bit, it will specify. If it is 32-bit, it will not.





IE-64-bit-screenshot.JPG2) Check your java to make sure it is also 32-bit.Click on the start menu, type "cmd" into the search for programs and files box. A DOS prompt will come up. Type "java -version" and hit return. It will specify if it is 64-bit. If it does not specify, then it is 32-bit.

java.PNG3) Compatibility mode should be on to enable drop down menus. Look to the left of your address bar on the browser.

compatibilty mode.PNG4) Add Collage to the list of trusted sites.To do this open Control Panel, select Internet Options, under Security tab select "trusted" and click on "sites" button. In this dialog box add and click "add."

5) Make sure you have following in your add-ons:

  • Serena Collage PopupMenu Control
  • Java™ Plug-in 2 SSV Helper
  • XML DOM Document

To check if you have these add-ons, go to Control Panel, Internet Options, select the Programs tab and click on "Manage add-ons" button. This will bring up a list.


manage-add-ons.PNGYou will have these add-on if you allowed Collage to install these when you first tried to login into Collage. Make sure that when you first login into Collage you install the Nebserv API that it asks for and also allow msxlm4.0 to install. Sometime it will not install if you have not opened the IE as administrator in Windows 7.

If you have checked everything and Collage is still not working properly, send a message to with the following information:
1) Operating System and Platform
2) Browser and version and please specify 32 or 64-bit
3) Java version and please specify 32 or 64 -bit
4) Description of the problem
5) Screenshots of error messages, if applicable
6) Please send the screen shot of this page:

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