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You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello!
Deleting Files In Collage


For some people it’s easy to end something and wave goodbye, while for others its as simple as 1, 2, 3. Boys II Men sang about it being hard to say goodbye to yesterday, while the Beatles sang “You Say Goodbye, While I Say Hello”.

That’s how I like to think about deleting files in Collage. You get to say ‘goodbye’ to files, pages, images etc. (whatever you want to delete) while the Web Content and Support teams say ‘hello’ to them. Even better yet – getting rid of something in Collage is a lot easier than getting rid of an unwanted stain or unwanted telemarketer.

You see deleting files is one thing not everyone can do in Collage. The upside – more work for us, less for you!

The thing to remember about deleting files in Collage is that there are 2 kinds of "deletes":

  1. Removing the pages/files etc. from the live website - which we call un-approving them. This means that the content will still be available to be edited or looked at inside Collage – but no one on the outside – looking at the live website will be able to see it.

  2. Deleting the files for good. This means we delete them out of Collage and have them removed form the server. Deleting the files from the server also helps to keep search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. from finding old pages with out of date and since deleted information on them.

So how do you get something deleted? That’s the easiest part.

Either send a task in Collage with the pages you want deleted in them – and make sure to specify which type of delete you want – un-approval or deleting for good.

The other option is to send an e-mail to webcontent@uml.edu or to call the Web Content hot-line at 978-934-3875 and tell us which pages etc. you want deleted or un-approved – it also helps when you do this if you can send a link to the page on the live website – just copy and paste it into your e-mail.

Voila! That’s it. A couple of easy steps and you can wave goodbye to unwanted files in Collage.

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