Dealing With Rejection! What does it mean when your task is rejected?

Dealing With Rejection! What does it mean when your task is rejected?


It’s not you it’s me. I just want to be friends. Thankfully you won’t have to worry about these dating-rejection clichés when it comes to Collage. (You won’t have to worry about a River Hawks Goalie rejecting your shot or task either).

Sometimes when you mark your task done and send it for approval it will be “rejected” for (whatever) various reasons and sent back to you. There are two ways to tell if your task has been rejected.

1. You’ll notice once you mark a task done the “State Name” changes from “edit” to “approve” on your Inbox and it will move from “Current Tasks and Notifications” to “Other Notifications”.

2. When a task is rejected it will appear back under “Current Tasks and Notifications” in your Collage inbox and will be back listed in “Edit” under “state name”.


Another thing to look for that is very important is what the message says under the task name when it is rejected – this will tell you - that (a.) it was rejected and (b.) why it was rejected – and what you need to fix before marking it done again and sending it back for approval. It’ll show who sent it back to you, as well.


You can also read these messages inside the task, and see that the task is in the “Edit” state.


It is important to read why the task was rejected and make the necessary changes before marking it done – that way your task isn’t rejected for a second time. In many cases the Web Content Team may just make changes and fixes to your pages rather than rejecting them, but in some cases they must be sent back to you. One way to avoid this is to make a Collage checklist of things to look for before marking your task done, outlined in this blog entry: Naughty or Nice - Making A Collage List and Checking It Twice.

If you don’t understand why your task was rejected, need further clarification or just need some help completing it as always we are here to help. You can contact the Web Content Team via e-mail: or by calling our hot-line: 978-934-3875 and we’ll do our best to help you.

You can also check the CMS Blog for help doing certain jobs:
There’s a written archive of all of the entries if you’d rather look at them this way than by searching:



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