A Secret Even 007 Can Share: How To Change Your Password In Collage

 A Secret Even 007 Can Share:
How To Change Your Password In Collage


You don’t have to work for the CIA or MI-6 to keep secrets and have passwords. Everyone from James Bond to James Taylor has passwords, including all of us right here at UMass Lowell. Those of course include your password for Collage.

When you took Collage training you should have been assigned a log-in and temporary password. You may or may not have changed that password. U.S. Astronomer, Clifford Stoll once gave this very sound advice “Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it and get a new one every six months.” This blog entry will show you how to change your password.

  1. Log in to Collage using your username and current password.
    The Collage log in page is on-line: http://collage.uml.edu/servlet/action/login.page
    Please make sure to save/bookmark/make it a favorite for future use.


  2. Once you are logged in, click on Preferences in the menu to the top right.


  3. A pop-up window should open. Once it does click on User.



  4.  This will give you the password change screen. Type in your old password followed by your new password and confirm the new password. Then hit apply.


  5. If you are successful you should see this screen saying your preferences have been updated.


  6.  Hit ok, and then close the original pop-up window.

  7.  Voila! Your password has been changed. It is also a good idea to log out and then log back in to Collage to make sure this work correctly.

  8. Please note the Collage Training Manual you should have received when you took the training also has these instructions listed on Chapter 1, Page 7. A pdf or word document of this manual is also available, if you’ve lost your copy. If you’d like one please e-mail webcontent@uml.edu



9. If you’ve forgotten or lost your Collage username and or password these can be recovered and re-set. Just please contact the Web Content Team via our hot-line at 978-934-3875 or e-mail: webcontent@uml.edu

10. One last reminder:  please make your password something you can remember but also something that won’t be easy for others to figure out. There are no restrictions on length or characters etc.




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