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Clean Sweep – How to Clear Out Those Pesky Messages In Your Collage Inbox!

So the start of a new school year is upon us once again, which of course means for a lot of people your life is about to get a lot more complicated. So why not simplify things in Collage for yourself with a nice clean sweep of your Inbox?

1.    Sign in to Collage.
2.    If you don’t start in your Inbox, from the Home tab select Inbox.


3.    You should see a list of Current Tasks and Notifications – with any tasks you still have active. If this is a lengthy list please clean it out as well by either completing your tasks and marking them done, or by deleting (discarding) tasks you have no use for anymore.
Below your Current Tasks and Notifications you should see a list entitled Other Notifications.

Notice that tasks in your Current Tasks and Notifications are listed in the “Edit” state, while Other Tasks and Notifications are listed in the “finished” state.


4. Cleaning out any Other Tasks and Notifications you have listed is really easy. Basically you just have to mark them read as you might do with any e-mail.

Here’s how:
All you have to do is left click with your mouse on any and all of the little megaphones on the left side of the Other Tasks and Notifications.




5. Notice that once I click on the megaphone next to the task from khennessy it will mark it read and the task disappears from the list, and now a task from jlawler is listed at the top. To remove the rest of the notifications you'll need to click on the remaining megaphones.



6. That’s it. Do this for as many tasks as you’d like to mark read and remove and you’ll clean out your Collage inbox.


The End.

This preview is Rated G:
General Audiences – All Collage Ages Admitted!

Coming Attractions: How To Preview In Collage!


For some people it’s the best part of going to the movies: the coming attractions! While that may not be exactly the same case in Collage, the last thing you should do before marking your task done is to preview it – and make sure everything looks the way you want it to. This step by step guide will show you how to do just that!

The preview in Collage will show you what your page (s) will look like on the live website once they’re approved and published. You can also check for typos, make sure links work, etc.

1. The first step you should take in any Collage endeavor is to sign into Collage and create a new task. If you’re fuzzy on how to do this, then please follow the steps in this blog entry about adding users, which explains how to create a new task.

2. Once you've created the task, go into your Collage Inbox by selecting Home and Inbox. Then select the task you've just created and click on the blue name of it to open the task -  listed under task name, under Current Tasks and Notifications.



3. Make your edits and save them. Once you finished making all of your changes and have saved and exited the editor, go into the Overview of your task.



4. There are two ways to preview. You’ll notice in the overview of your task that there are two rectangular boxes – Assets and Affected Pages.



4a. Assets are any item in Collage – Web pages, images, links, pdf, etc., anything you’ve worked on, uploaded etc. Affected pages are just that – any web page affected by these edits.  You’ll also notice that there is a column in the Affected Pages box titled “Preview” in which there is a little square next to each affected page.


5. Click on each of these squares to preview each page to which you’ve made edits. In most cases it is best to preview one page at a time. Each preview will open in a new window.


6. You can also preview the page from inside the Collage editor by clicking on the Preview tab next to edit.


7. The preview will show up in the same window as the editor. Check to make sure everything looks fine. If you need to make more edits just click back on the edit tab to do so.



8. Once you are satisfied that your previewed pages look good, mark the task done - sending it down the line for approval. There are two ways to mark your part of the task done - see the images below:



The END.

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