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So you’ve got a problem with Collage, or your website in general. Take a deep breath and relax – you are not alone and you’ve come to the right place!

Are you feeling adventurous and want to try to fix the problem yourself? If so, we’ve got a two-part step-by-step how-to guide on how to solve most common problems: Part 1 and Part 2.

However, if you’ve run into a problem that’s stumping you and need help then please contact the Web Content Team. The easiest way is by e-mailing or you can call the Web Content Hot-line at 978-934-3875 (extension 3875 on campus).

Before you e-mail or call it's best to have a few things ready – this should save us both time trying to figure out what’s wrong and fixing it. Information is key – and the more the better!

1.    Who are you and how can we best contact you? In an e-mail please make sure to tell us who you are and what e-mail and phone number to best reach you at. We’re aware that many people at the University work part-time or don’t have a set phone number etc. so just tell us how to best get in touch with you and when you’ll be at that location etc.

2.    What page are you having a problem with? Find the page you’re editing on the live site – and copy and paste the web address into the same e-mail. For example if you were editing the About The College page for Arts & Sciences you’d copy and paste this url:


3.    What’s the name of your task in Collage? Make sure to name your task something specific other than just – “Updates to Website”. (Adding notes to your task is a good idea, too). The more specific the name the easier it will be for us to find it – keep in mind while you may see only a couple of your own tasks – we see hundreds from everyone.


3a. If you’re not sure what the task name is – go inside the task to the Overview and you’ll see it there at the top (as well as several other places). It’s also listed in your Inbox in Collage. It would also help to know what Task Template you are in – this too can be found in the Overview of your task.



4.    It will also help us if you tell us what Internet (Web) Browser you are using. Are you using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or something else? This can be easily found at the top of any web page you open.



5.    Did you get any error messages or see anything out of the ordinary that you haven’t seen before? Have there been any updates made to your computer since the last time you used Collage successfully?

6.    Last and perhaps most important is to send us a screen grab. This can be of whatever you’re seeing – an error message, grayed-out areas – whatever problem you are having. Here’s how to make a screen grab:

a.    On the page/screen you want to take a picture of hit Prt Scr or Prt Scn (some variation of “Print Screen”). This key is usually located on the top right of your keyboard.


b.    Then inside an e-mail select edit and paste to paste the image into the e-mail.


c.    If you’re unable to do this then you can paste the image into an image-editing program – the easiest is likely Microsoft Paint. On most computers this can be found by clicking on the Start button, All Programs – Accessories and then selecting paint.


d.    A new window will open with the paint editor in it. Select edit and then paste to paste the screen grab image into paint.


e.    Then go to the file menu and choose save as.


f.    In the new window select Desktop (or another place which you would like to save the image to – remember where as you’ll need to go there later to add the image to an e-mail), type in a file name and select JPEG from the drop down menu. Then hit Save.


g.    This will save the image to your desktop or wherever you’ve selected.

h.    In an e-mail attach this image and send it to us. If you’re using Outlook for e-mail and are unsure of how to do this – then this link will help you do that.

Voila! You’re done. I know this may seem like a lot of work – but in the end it should save us both a lot of time and headaches and get you back up and editing in Collage much, much faster.



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