The Lord of the Picture Part III: Uploading Photos In Collage

thering.jpgThe Lord of the Picture Part III: Uploading Photos In Collage

Earlier we covered the University's policy on photos, how many and what size and much more. Part two of this trilogy explains how to re-size and optimize photos using Photoshop.

O.k. so now that you’ve got the image sized and optimized correctly, its time to upload it in Collage. This step by step guide will help you do just that.

1.    Create a new task. If you’re fuzzy on how to do this please follow the directions in this blog entry.

2.    Once you’ve created the task and opened it - Go into Overview in your task, Select the page you want to add the picture on and click on the file name. In this example we’re using a Student Affairs Veterans task.


 3. For example let’s use the Resources page. Once inside the editor, put your mouse cursor where you want to add the picture and click on image.

4. You’ll get a pop-up window that looks something like this . Click on the little plus sign next to the images folder to see all of the folders.
5. Please keep in mind you may see a lot less folders than I do depending on your permissions. Use the arrows to get down to the folder the pictures are in that you want to use.

6. In this case it’s the Veterans folder. Click on the blue name of that folder. This is the folder where the images will live later in Collage – in case you ever want to use them again.

7. You’ll then see the contents of that folder – in this case all of the images in the Veterans folder.

8. Select the photo you want by clicking on the little square to the left of the file name.

9. Remember: for photos other than Faculty Bios, the largest you can have is a width of 200, or 160 for a bio photo. Also make sure that the Constrain Proportions box is checked. You’ll also need to fill out the Alt: space with a caption of what the photo (is).


10. You can also select an alignment and put in padding for horizontal and vertical if you want to have text wrap around the (photo).

11. If you’re uploading a new photo – follow these same steps, but once you get to the folder you want to put it into – select the new photo button –

12. You’ll get a pop up window – hit browse.

13. Find where you saved the photos too (I always put them on my desktop to make it easiest to find) and click on the file and then hit open.

14. Then hit Ok to upload the image.

15. It will add it to the folder, and you’ll need to fill out all of the boxes, including width, alt etc. When you’re done hit ok and the image should appear on your page.

16. Make any more edits to the pages in your task, save them and mark the task done. For help on how to mark a task done please go to step #11 in this blog entry.


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