The Lord of the Picture Part II: Using Photoshop

thering.jpgThe Lord of the Picture Part II: Using Photoshop

Earlier we covered the University's policy on photos, how many and what size and much more. Part three of this trilogy explains how to upload your photos into Collage.

So how do you re-size your photos and optimize them? It depends on what program(s) you have. We use Photoshop, but you are welcome to try another program. If you don?t have Photoshop or a similar program you can contact us, or upload the images in a task in Collage and then we will re-size them after the fact. If so skip ahead to part 3. If you have Photoshop, you can read this blog entry on how to re-size, etc. images.

Using Photoshop

1.    Open the photo in Photoshop – right click on the photo and select Open With and then the program you wish to open it with – in this case Photoshop.

2.    Left click on Image in the top menu, and then select Resize and Image Size.

3.    In the pop-up window, make sure that Scale Styles, and Constrain Proportions are checked. Then change the resolution to 72. Chances are this will change the width and height.

4.    Once you’ve changed the resolution, change the width to 200 (or 160 for a Bio picture) and hit ok. This should also change the height. In this case the picture is a perfect square – so the width and height match. This will not always be the case.

5.    Once you hit ok, the photo should shrink down.

6.    Now click on File and then Save for Web.

7.    In the pop up window, make sure the images look fine and that the Quality is set to 50. Then hit ok.

8.    In the pop up window, select the destination you wish to save the picture to (I like to save it to the Desktop to make it easy to find) and name it.

9.    Now repeat this process for any other photos you wish to upload. For a bio thumbnail go up to step #4 and change the width to 64, and then repeat the steps that follow it – saving it with a different name so you can tell the smaller from the bigger image.


Photoshop Elements is a fairly inexpensive product (around $50) that is perfect for tasks like optimizing photos. If you do not have Photoshop or another photo software please contact a member of the Web Content Team (email: at 978-934-3875 to discuss your options. Again: you can also upload the original photos in a task and we will re-size them after the fact.


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