The Usual Suspects - How To Solve Common Problems in Collage - Part 1

Is your Collage not working right? It’s easy to get frustrated, this happens to all of us. Take a few deep breaths and then try these steps; if they don’t work then we’ll (hopefully) come to your rescue. You might consider these the “Usual Suspects” when it comes to problems with Collage. This is Part 1; for the tools to solving the toolbar crisis (and more) please  go to The Usual Suspects - Part 2.


1. The problem could be your Java. Unfortunately Collage works best on, let’s say an “older version” of Java. To make matters even more fun – your Java is one of the things your computer may be set up to automatically update. So if you’re having problems try installing this:


Another link you can try is this:

1a. Follow the instructions and then re-start the computer and re-log into Collage.

2.    Is there an “Active X Control” or some sort of other message you get when you first log into Collage?

You probably think nothing of it and just X it out? It may appear as a pop up window or an extra line or something at the top of your screen. If so accept/install it instead - this may clear up your Collage problems. Don’t worry about doing this – if worse comes to worse we can roll back your computer to before you did this step. Learn more about Active X Controls.


3. What Browser are you using? Internet Explorer 6 and 8, and the current version of Firefox all work for Collage. However Safari, Google Chrome and more do not. Download the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox.

4. Make sure the pop-up blocker is off. Keep in mind there may be more than one pop-up blocker, so make sure to check that it is off on both your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) and well as any toolbars you may have installed (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

5. Here's how to turn off the pop-up blocker:
If you’re using Firefox:
a. Click on tools.
b. From the drop down menu select Options.

c. Click on Content.
d. You can either un-check the Block pop-up windows or click on Exceptions.

e. Notice that “Block pop-up windows is checked. (If its not checked then you’re pop up blocker is already turned off).

f. If you chose to click on Exception then you’ll get a new pop-up window.
g. In it you’ll need to type in the web address for Collage – and then hit Allow. If Collage has already been added to this list you’ll see it in the list below.

h. Once you’re done hit OK on the Options window.

6.    If you’re using Internet Explorer:
a.    Click on Tools.
b.    From the drop-down menu, select Pop-Up Blocker and then Turn off Pop-Up Blocker.
c.    If you’re Pop-Up Blocker is already turned off this will say Turn On Pop-Up Blocker.

d.    Another option is to select Pop-up Blocker Settings.

e. Then you’ll need to type in Collage’s web address into the exceptions space, and hit add and then close.

f.    Notice that once you hit add the address will appear in the list below.


For the tools to solving the toolbar crisis (and more) please go to The Usual Suspects - Part 2.



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