Adding An E-mail Address to A Faculty or Staff Bio

Adding An E-mail Address to A Faculty or Staff Bio

e-mail.gifSo you're sitting down to edit (or create a brand new Faculty or Staff bio), you breeze through most of it with no problem and then you get to the dreaded e-mail address… It looks simple enough; you’ll just type it in and then ugh! The good news is its not that much harder to put it in; in fact if you can create a link you can do it in a couple of easy steps.

1.   Sign Into Collage
2.   Go to your Inbox

3. Click on New to create a new task. Or click on a task you’ve already created and open it by clicking on the Blue task name under “Task name” (skip to #7 if this is the case).

4. Create the task and add the faculty/staff bio you want to edit to it.

5. Finish creating the task – if you need help with this please e-mail

6. Go back to your Collage Inbox. Select the task you've just created and click on the blue name of it to open the task (listed under task name).


7. Once inside the task, click on the file name you want to edit; these are blue and listed under File name.


8. The editor will open with the Faculty/Staff bio template. These templates are notorious for taking forever to load, so please be patient. After the page has loaded, click on the space below Email:


9. Then click on “Link” from the menu above (just like you’re creating a text link).


10. A pop-up window will open. Click on External.

11. Wait for the pop-up to load; once that’s done and the “New Link” button is visible click on “New Link”. If this doesn’t show up right away you can try going back and forth between Internal and External again and it may load.



12. Another pop-up will open. You’ll need to write (or copy and paste) the e-mail into both the Name: space and the URL: space. Notice the red ! – this means you’ll not be able to advance without doing both these steps.

type in address.jpg

13. Once you have the e-mail address typed in, click on the drop-down menu and select “mailto”.

14. Then hit “OK”.

15. This will load the e-mail address into the link box (your first pop-up window). Next click on the drop down menu in this pop-up window and select New window instead of Current window.


15a. This means that the link (in this case the email) will open in a new window. For University guidelines on what should open in a New Window vs. the Current Window try these two links:

16. Next type the text in the text box that you want to appear in the bio list. Most people either just paste the e-mail address here; or type the person’s name in this space. Notice there is a red ! here as well – meaning you can’t finish until you complete this step; once you do the red ! changes to a green check mark.


16a. Note: whatever you write here will show up in the corresponding Bio on the live website, in this case the actual email address as opposed to the person’s first and last name.


17. Then click “o.k.” to save and add the e-mail link.

18. Finish and edits, preview your completed pages and then mark the task done and send it along for approval.



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