Up Up And Away! How to UPload Images in a task.

Up Up And Away! How to UPload Images in a task.


Having trouble uploading your images into Collage? Wondering why it takes so long for your task with new pictures in it to be approved or why they are a different size afterward? Let me explain and hopefully we can help each other.

Photos for the web should be: 72 dpi, 200 pixels wide (64 for a thumbnail), optimized for web, saved as a jpeg (.jpg) according to the University’s Standards Guide.

That said, if you don’t have Photoshop or a similar image manipulation program, this may be a little difficult for you to do. So you have a couple of options:

1.    Email the photos to webcontent@uml.edu and request that they be re-sized and optimized – make sure to tell us where you want them to go and what the name of the task in Collage that they are associated with.

2.    Another option is to do #1 but also upload and place the original (non-optimized photos) on to a page in Collage – that way we know better where you want the new versions to go in the context of your page(s).

3.    You can call the Help Desk @ 4357 and inquire about getting Photoshop installed on your computer and you can then re-size and optimize the pictures yourself and then upload them.

Once you’ve re-sized your photos it’s easy to upload them like any other file. For those directions check out this blog entry on uploading files within a task.

For further help with images please see these three blog entries that explain in further detail how to work with images in Collage:

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