Removing or Adding Users (Editors) In A New Task


Removing or Adding Users (Editors)
When Creating A New Task.


So it occurred to me after I wrote yesterday's entry about Removing or Adding Users (Editors) In A Task that I never really explained how to do it when you're creating a task from scratch. It's pretty much the same, but I figured a little clarification couldn't hurt. So buckle up and here we go...

1.    Sign Into Collage
2.    Go to your Inbox

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3.Click on New to create a new task.


4.    A New Task pop up window will open.


5.  Select the Template for your department from the drop down menu. This is very important – selecting the wrong template or not selecting one at all can cause problems with your task.


5a. You can type the first letter of your department to jump to that part of the alphabet, or use the arrow to scroll down through the entire list.


 6.    Make sure to name the task something specific about what you plan to edit or do in the task. Notice the red exclamation point that this is required and you can not continue without naming the task.

Once you name the task the exclamation point will become a green check mark. Then add a description with more information about the edits etc. you plan to make. The more information you provide, the faster we can review and approve the content and the faster it will go live. Once you’re done click next.



7.    Here’s where you add or remove the users. You should already be in the edit state. Check off the name or names of the users you want to get rid of and hit the Remove button. If you're adding a user instead of removing one skip down to #9.

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7a.  You can also remove multiple users to the task the same way as you added one, just select more than name and move them over to the box and then hit "ok" once you've selected all of the users you want to add.

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7b. After hitting o.k. a pop up window titled Notify MAY open - you will need to write an explanation for the removal - it can be as simple as "removing user from task". Notice that it is required  by the red exclamation point.

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7c. After you type something in the exclamation point will change to a green check mark. Then hit o.k. You will not be able to remove the user without writing an explanation.

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8.   Once you're done removing any users (editors) click "Next".


9. To Add a user click on the Add button and a pop up window will open.

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 10.    Type in the first couple of initials of the Collage User name of the person you want to add (mpu in my case) and it will jump to the person.

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10a. You can also just type in the first letter to skip through the alphabet or you can scroll down.

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11. Once you've found the person you want to, click the arrow button moving them into the box on the right side add hit OK.

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12. You can also add multiple users to the task the same way as you added one, just select more than name and move them over to the box and then hit "ok" once you've selected all of the users you want to add.

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12a. Note: You MAY have to fill out a notification message similar to the process outlined in steps 7b. and 7c.

13. Once you're done adding any users (editors) click "Next".


14. If you want to skip adding Assets (Pages) to edit, and skip to the end of this process - click on Finish.


14a. This is the point in which you will add the assets (pages) you want to edit. These can also be edit after the fact when you open your task to make the edits. Click on "Add".


15. A pop up window will open. You should see whatever folders you have access to. Navigate through those folders to the one that contains the page (s) you want to edit. Then click on the names of those files.


16. Notice that once you click on any assets they will be added to the box at the bottom of the window. NOTE: if you mistakenly click on any other pages while navigating through the folder list, those too will be added to your task. ANYTHING you click on (other than the folders themselves) in this step will be added to the task. When you're done click "OK".


17. Notice that whatever asset (page) you select will be added to the New Task - Assets screen. If you've forgotten to add an asset, click on Add and repeat the process. Once you're done click on "Finish".


18. This will end the process of Creating a New Task.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: now you need to go back into your Inbox (see picture in step #2) and actually Open the Task.

19. Once you're in your Collage Inbox. Select the task you've just created and click on the blue name of it to open the task (listed under task name).

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 20. Now make whatever edits you need and mark the task done - sending it down the line for approval.

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