Discarding (Deleting) A Task


Discarding (Deleting) A Task


Do you have an old task sitting in your Collage Inbox that you’d like to get rid of? It’s a lot easier to “Discard a Task” than you think.

1.Go into your Inbox.

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2.Select the task you want to discard and click on the task name (highlighted in blue)



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3.Once you are inside the task, hit Reject

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4. A “Reject” Window will pop open.

5. Click on “Advanced”





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6. Another window will open - Select Discard Task

7. You will also have to include a comment (notice the red exclamation point ! - which means it is required) as an explanation as to why your are discarding the task.


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Note: you can also roll back any assets in the task to how they were before you started to edit them by checking the square next to “Roll back assets”.





Thumbnail image for roll_back.jpg 

That’s it. This will discard the task and remove it from your Inbox.



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