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Stop! Don't Paste into Collage from Microsoft Word.


It seems like such a simple thing – especially with so many people writing in Word these days. Unfortunately, Collage and Word don’t play well with each other. Before you blame Collage, this is actually a Microsoft issue – when you paste from word, Microsoft piggybacks a lot of extra code in the HTML that messes up many programs – including Collage.


So you’ve got three options to keep this from happening. (Still want to use Word – skip ahead to option #3)


1.Type your text etc. directly into Collage.

2.Type your text directly into Word Pad or Notepad and then copy and paste it into Collage. Word Pad and Notepad can be found by clicking on the Start Menu, All programs, and then accessories.



Thumbnail image for wordpad&notepad.jpg

3.Don’t want to give up writing in Word? Here’s your solution: write everything as you would normally in Word and then copy all of it – select edit and then select all (you can also hit Control + A on your keyboard) – all of the text should then be highlighted.

Thumbnail image for select_all.jpg 



 This is what the page will look like with all of the text highlighted:


Thumbnail image for highlighted_text.jpg


3a. Then click edit and copy (or Control + C) on your keyboard


Thumbnail image for copy.jpg 


3b. Now open Word Pad or Notepad (see option #2) and paste the text etc. in from Word. Once inside Word Pad or Notepad select edit and paste (or Control + V on your keyboard).


Thumbnail image for paste.jpg 


Pasting the document into Word Pad or Notepad will strip out all of the extra code from Microsoft. **Keep in mind it also will remove any images, as well as bold, underlining or italics, links etc. – that will have to be added after the fact directly in Collage.**

Note: Italics is not allowed in Collage – it can break the template, and underlining is used just for links.


3c. Next Select all and copy the text etc. from either Word Pad or Notepad similarly to the way you did so in Word:

Select edit and select all (or Control + A on the Keyboard)


Thumbnail image for select_all2.jpg 

All of the text will be highlighted:



Thumbnail image for highlighted_text2.jpg 


Then select Edit and Copy (or Control + C on your Keyboard)


Thumbnail image for copy2.jpg 




4.Now open an already created task in Collage or create a new one. Keep in mind that when pasting your new text etc., into an already created page it may keep the formatting that is already there rather than adopting the formatting of your pasted text etc.

For help on how to creating a new page and task check out these blog entries:



5.Next select the page you want to add this to and paste it in (like in step 3b.)

6.Make sure to preview your page afterward!


Thumbnail image for preview.jpg 


7.Mark your task done and send it along for approval.


Thumbnail image for done1.jpg 







Thumbnail image for done2.jpg 




Discarding (Deleting) A Task


Discarding (Deleting) A Task


Do you have an old task sitting in your Collage Inbox that you’d like to get rid of? It’s a lot easier to “Discard a Task” than you think.

1.Go into your Inbox.

Thumbnail image for inbox.jpg 


2.Select the task you want to discard and click on the task name (highlighted in blue)



Thumbnail image for select_task.jpg


3.Once you are inside the task, hit Reject

Thumbnail image for reject.jpg 


4. A “Reject” Window will pop open.

5. Click on “Advanced”





Thumbnail image for reject-advanced.jpg


6. Another window will open - Select Discard Task

7. You will also have to include a comment (notice the red exclamation point ! - which means it is required) as an explanation as to why your are discarding the task.


Thumbnail image for discard_task.jpg 


Note: you can also roll back any assets in the task to how they were before you started to edit them by checking the square next to “Roll back assets”.





Thumbnail image for roll_back.jpg 

That’s it. This will discard the task and remove it from your Inbox.


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