Anchors Aweigh! Using Anchors to Help Page Navigation


Some pages are just long and there’s no way around it. To alleviate the user having to endlessly scroll to find information, use anchors.

Anchors are a series of current page links at the top of a page that “jump” you down the page. Usually, anchors are made at natural page breaks or subheadings.

To make an anchor in Collage:
1) Create the anchors first. Put your cursor where you want the link to jump to (a subhead).
2) In the toolbar, select “Anchor” anchor button.pngand then “Insert/Edit Anchors”.
3) A dialog box will appear and ask you to name the anchor (Use the words in the subhead).

anchor dialog box text.png

4) Once the anchors are created, then you can link it at the top. Type the name of the anchor at the top of the page, followed by a full return.
5) Highlight the anchor name and click “Link” in the toolbar.

6) When the link dialog box appears, click on the “Current Page” tab.
anchor link dialog box.png

7) Select the correct link and click “OK”.

Advanced Anchors

You can also use anchors to link to an exact place in a page as a reference from another page. For example, if you want to link to the list of graduate certificates from the prospective students page.

1) Create an anchor as instructed above (steps 1-3).
2) From the page you want to link from (prospective students in this example), highlight the words you want to link to.
3) When the dialog box appears, it will be on the internal link page. Navigate to the page you want to link to (i.e.,: graduate certificates).

anchors advanced.png

4) Click on the “Local Anchors” button and then choose the appropriate anchor from the drop down box.
5) Voila! You have linked to an anchor from another page.

Let us know if there are topics you'd like us to cover in the comments below.


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