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 "I didn't know anyone saw my notes," is something we often hear from our Collage users. Usually after a phone call for clarification about their tasks.

Help us help you by keeping a few things in mind. 

1) There are several of us who approve tasks daily, so while you may have talked to one of us about an issue, the person approving your task may have no knowledge of that issue.

2) What seems obvious to you may not be obvious to us. More detail is better.

3) We can't easily tell what has been changed so let us know if you're just fixing a typo or overhauling the page.

How To Add Notes in Task

There are two places to add notes within a task. When you first create a task, it's called "description." This is also where you can "track task status" so you will receive an email when the task has moved to the next step, including any notes that the web communications staff wrote.


task notes 1.png 


When you click "done" there is another notes section call "Comment."

task notes 2.png


By clearly communicating what you're doing in the task, we'll be able to complete your task more quickly and more accurately.


What's With the Crazy Fonts?


We often get notes or emails from Collage users concerned about the fonts in their tasks. Sometimes there are multiple fonts on one page or varied sizes - neither of which seems to have any rhyme or reason.

What likely has happened is that the text was directly pasted from Microsoft Word or some other application into Collage. The result is sometimes a crazy, mixed-up page because Collage is trying to recognize the code from the other application and make it work.

The easiest solution to this problem is to either save your document as Plain Text (.txt) or copy and paste it into Notepad (or some other basic text editor) to strip out all the formatting. It does remove all the bold, italics and fancy headlines you had in Word, but it's a cleaner end product.

You can add formatting in Collage, but that's for another entry ...

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