Believe It or Not: You Have the Power to Create a New Webpage


Many Collage users don’t realize that they themselves can create new pages for their websites. Often, tasks come through where users have deleted all the content from an existing page and replaced it with new unrelated content, as a means to create new page. This creates problems because the original file name (URL) is still the same, yet the material on the page is of a completely different topic.

How to Create Your Own Webpage

To create a new page in Collage,

1) Create a task

2) Open a task

3) Navigate to the folder where you want the new page to live

4) Click on the “New Document” icon on the top toolbar

5) In the New Document text box, add a name for the asset (something related to the page's subject matter) in the "Name" field

6) Click "Okay"

The page will refresh and your new page will appear, ready for you to populate it with content.


Please let us know in the notes section of your task that you have created new documents so we can make sure they function properly and are linked appropriately.


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