Got the Padlock Blues? How to Check In Files that are Checked Out

When a padlock icon appears next to a file, it means you have a file “checked out.” Typically, this occurs while you’re working in a file. But occasionally the padlock icon remains even after you’re done working in a file and you’ve closed it. See the example below for reference.

The presence of a padlock icon means Collage thinks you’re still active in the file. This presents a problem for us with task approval. Since Collage does not allow us to approve or access files you’re still active in, we must override the “check out” to approve your task. However, if we do this, Collage disregards all changes that were made during that session, which presents an obvious problem. So the solution is to check your file back in.

Here’s how you do it.
Checking In Files that are Checked Out

1. Click on the padlock icon.
2. This prompts a text box. There’s no need to type a note.
3. Hit “Okay.”

The page will refresh automatically and the padlock icon will disappear. Once the icon is gone, the file is checked back in.
Occassionally, a file gets stuck as checked out. If you tried the above steps and your file is still checked out, give us a call and we will override the check out.


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