Save Time and Energy by Replacing PDFs Properly

Replacing or supplanting a PDF in Collage is the process of swapping an old PDF on your web page for a new PDF. One of the benefits of a content management system like Collage is the file replacement process is automated. So if you replace a PDF the right way, Collage swaps the PDFs automatically and keeps all existing links active. This means you don't need to go through the process of opening a page, deleting/deactivating the link to the old PDF, then creating a link to the new PDF. Collage does this for you. In addition, replacing a PDF properly deletes the old PDF, thereby eliminating the clutter of unused files in folders.

How to Replace a PDF (in 3 easy steps):
*Please Note: you MUST be in a task to perform this function

1. Open your folder(s) and locate the PDF you want to replace

2. Click the box to the left of the PDF you want to replace (see the image below)


3. Upload a new PDF from your computer (note: this is done by clicking the “Upload” icon on your toolbar, browsing your computer for the PDF you want to upload, selecting the PDF and hitting “Okay”)

And you’re done. You’ve swapped your old PDF for a new PDF, all links pointing to the old PDF are still active, and you’ve deleted the old PDF. NOTE: to completely replace one pdf with another - the name of the new pdf must match that of the old one EXACTLY.


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